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Karteknik Cleaning Machines

Karteknik Makina making distribution and after sales service of cleanvac cleaning machines, that brand is established in 1998. During the growth phase of the company, the company changed its trade name and name as Karteknik Makina.

Our company, with our sales representatives who have gained experience in the sector for many years, helps businesses in determining the cleaning machines that are needed. With our range of cleaning machines over fifty and special production facilities, the cleaning machine that is most suitable for its intended use is offered to enterprises. In addition, free demonstration service is provided to the end user.

Karteknik Makina operates in the cleaning machinery sector, in addition to retail sales, in the fields of sales organization, service organization and sales represent. By supporting our representatives with the franchise system, we ensure that our companies achieve permanent and sustainable success in a short time.

Karteknik Makina, our high standards of product being produced in Turkey to the world, offers the latest technology in cleaning machines in a wide range of consumers.