Pipe Type Carpet Wringing Machines

Pipe type carpet wringing machine, among the carpet wringing machine types, is the best method to be used in carpet wringing today. If the carpets are placed correctly and the criteria for selecting the carpet that can be squeezed in the machine are followed, we can say that the carpets are cleaned in the carpet wringing machine rather than the carpet washing process. Carpets are thrown into the machine one by one. Carpets do not need to be folded like paper while being thrown into this wringing machine. It is sufficient to roll the carpets. Carpets can be placed in this cleaning machine with suitable equipment and one person. In the tubular carpet squeezing machine, as a result of the machine brand used and the technical choices made, the carpet can be removed by drying at a rate of 95% at the squeezing times ranging from 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes. This type of squeezing process does not harm the carpet, on the contrary, it increases the squeezing quality of the carpet. Tubular carpet squeezing machines were first produced with a length of 2.30 meters and a diameter of 320 mm. Over time, these dimensions increased up to 4.5 lengths and 500 mm diameter. Today. 2 meters long and different diameters of the sprue squeezing machine, mop squeezing machine, quilt squeezing machine, blanket squeezing machine were also used in cleaning machines and took their place in terms of variety. The technical and technological choices made in the machines affect the prices of the carpet spinning machine. If companies have an after-sales service target, this is added to the carpet squeezing machine prices. As in every sector, it is possible to find very cheap carpet spinning machines and high quality carpet spinning machines in the cleaning machines sector. It is predicted that the use of carpet squeezing machine will increase day by day in enterprises according to the changing carpet dimensions. As usage increases, usage awareness increases.

Carpet Washing Machines

Carpet cleaning is done in two ways: on-site carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning in carpet washing facilities. Carpet washing machines develop and become widespread in parallel with these groups. Carpet washing machines used for on-site carpet washing can be selected from machines that are suitable for relatively light transportation. Criteria such as water, carpet washing detergent selection and usage rate, and vacuum selection have also gained importance in on-site carpet washing. Carpet washing machines are the most widely used group of cleaning machines for commercial purposes. Carpet washing machine prices can be determined by the selection to be made according to the operating capacity. Today, it is possible to choose between 50 USD and 5000 USD, and expand this range up to 15.000 USD.

Floor Scrubber

Cleaning and polishing the floor is a separate process. Floor cleaning and polishing machines are used for this job. Let’s just examine the cleaning machines included in the cleaning machines. Floor cleaning machines divided in:
Vacuum floor cleaning machines
2- It is divided into two as floor cleaning machines without vacuum. The working principle of vacuum cleaning machines is scrubbing, giving water to the rubbed place and vacuuming this water. There is a brushing apparatus in floor cleaning machines according to the type of floor. In this group of cleaning machines, brush and pad holder are used, as well as glit pads according to the floor type. Pad selection is chosen according to the hardness of the floor. The hardness range of these pads, also called felt, is wide. Floor cleaning machines are also named floor scrubbers. There are also battery powered and electric models. Acu floor scrubbers are also called charged floor scrubbers. This group of cleaning machines works with 24 and their sound decibels are 70% lower than electric floor washing machines. It has a working capacity of three to four hours. It is used successfully in areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, schools, governorships, municipal buildings. Electric floor washing machines can be carried for a long time without interruption. It works with 220 volt mains voltage. Another distinctive feature that distinguishes floor cleaning machines from each other is the tank capacity. Their capacity starts from 25 liters, except for narrow washing machines. This capacity can go up to 90 liters in electrical machines. Dedusting becomes more and more important in enterprises as it affects the life of the computer equipped counter. Floor washing is the most important application in achieving this goal.