Battery Powered Wide Area Sweepers

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With the completion of the Cleanvac BS series, the battery-powered series of our wide area sweepers has formed a versatile, environmentally friendly sweeper group adapted to serve under heavy conditions in Turkey and around the world.

With our Cleanvac BS models, it offers professional solutions for cleaning areas up to 4000-15000 m². battery powered cleanvac wide area sweepers models, with a continuous working capacity of up to 3-4 hours on a single charge, depending on the slope conditions of the ground, new generation electric wide area sweepers. Wide floor vacuum . All kinds of soil, fine gravel, leaves, sand, lime, carbon wastes, and very fine metal wastes can be successfully cleaned from the environment in all indoor and outdoor living and production areas.

The pulverized irrigation system, which can be optionally added to the model, prevents the working environment from getting dusty during sweeping, in areas with very fine dust that may cause environmental disturbance. Daily life can continue to flow while sweeping with the pulverized irrigation system, while cleaning the wide area with suitable budgets for the need for street sweepers in hotels, parks, sites, farms, factories, city center, municipal streets and streets. Irrigation is done in the form of fogging, only humidification is provided without muddying around. This Feature can be activated when requested. It can be disabled if desired. Disinfectant can also be placed in the fogging water tank. In this way, not only a visible floor and surroundings can be cleaned, but also long-term hygiene can be provided by environmental spraying. Not only for viruses and bacteria, but also for insect and vermin spraying in environmental areas. In addition, indexicide and herbicide drugs are used in the pulverized irrigation system in weed spraying.

Particles pushed in front of the side brushes and middle brushes with special bristles are conveyed to the garbage tank by the rotational movement of the middle brushes. With its long-lasting brush bristles, its cost-free usage life is long. With the vacuuming in the garbage tank, the fine dust in the vacuumed waste is filtered through special filters and dust-free air is thrown out.