Carpet – Sofa Wash Machines

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The developing and diversifying service sector has brought with it the definition of industrial service and companies. Are you going to set up a carpet cleaning company? Are you doing a car wash business, are you searching for non-home type carpet – sofa washing machines that will do your job in hotel services, on-site bed, chair, carpet – sofa washing? Your carpet washing facility machines are ok, but do they also demand sofa washing, chair washing, bed washing services from the houses where you collect carpets? Let’s examine the technologies step by step together. If you are in the service industry, which is an alternative sector to hotel management, called the flueless industry, or if you are just starting out, welcome. Among the industrial cleaning machines, carpet seat washing machines have always existed in the sector from past to present and increased its importance during the Covid-19 epidemic period. As Karteknik Machines, which is the main distributor and after-sales service organization of Cleanvac cleaning machines in Turkey, it has personally experienced the technological development and outstanding competitive conditions of Cleanvac carpet upholstery washing machines and alternative brands that we represent for 22 years.

In carpet – sofa washing machines, the basic working principle is to spray the cleaning wet on the surface to be cleaned and suck it back. Different types of water engines can be used for spraying. The selection criteria in these engines are made with optimum choices regarding the targeted performance and design of the machine. Ulka water motors or centrifugal asynchronous water motors are mainly used water motors. In another article, we will examine the technical differences of these engines and examine the importance of the water engine in the selection of carpet seat washing machine. Cleanvac carpet – sofa washing machines mainly serve in the category of industrial carpet seat washing. Recently, we will reach the industrial cleaning vision of meticulous housewives and exclude the purchase of industrial cleaning machines from the general. Vacuum motor power and number are also a selection criterion of the carpet – sofa washing machine. Of course, this issue is important in aqueous system carpet seat washing machines. Since the water is pulverized in Cleanvac steam carpet and sofa washing machines, the need for vacuum is reduced to achieve the target work, as the water is pulverized to the surface. In the industrial type seat washing machines, the number of vacuum motors is also effective on the performance of the product. Isn’t one purpose in the process of reabsorption of the given water? Then the stronger it is, the stronger the water supplied and the shorter it will be absorbed.