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Automatic carpet wash machines are used in industrial areas and have the feature of washing carpets with high pressure and correct chemical release with their large brushes. You can evaluate the most suitable options for your business and capacity from this category, which includes automatic carpet washing machines and their features. All products on this page can be offered to you with various customizations.

Models are produced with options suitable for the needs such as the number of brushes to be used in the machine and the length. Our machines, which are completely domestically produced with years of experience and knowledge in our own factory, are at your service with our wide service network with a 2-year warranty and 10-year parts availability guarantee.

Full automatic machines are machines with a width of 2,60 meters or 3,20 meters and a bench length of 5-7 meters, and thanks to the size of the washing area, they offer the opportunity to wash 3 carpets at the same time. The washing time is approximately 15 minutes, depending on the program you have installed on the computer. It consumes 6 KW – 10 KW electricity per hour.
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• The automatic carpet washing machine does the job of approximately three personnel, with the brushed carpet washing system it contains.
• The machine's detergent and water spray system is automatic, so it is very economical, your carpet washing cost comes at a very affordable price.
• Since the brushing system is automatically controlled, it does not skip and ensures that every part of the carpet is brushed equally.
• With the special buttons on the control panel, the carpet provides deep cleaning by allowing more operation when it comes to stubborn stains that do not come out of the carpet during washing.

User Manual

General Information

With our newly designed automatic machine, three carpets can be washed side by side at the same time.
• minimum labor cost thanks to computerized use
• excellent results in carpet cleaning with horizontal brushing
• space-saving system that can be installed on the ground
• water, chemical and labor savings
• adjustable washing time according to the dirtiness of the carpet
• adjustable water and detergent control
• possibility of use with one element
• geared brush motor system in brushing
• 3 or 4 brushed machine models according to your preference
• adjustable carpet pressure force feature

One of the biggest problems in the rapidly growing and developing carpet washing sector is the issue of increasing the capacity to meet the growing customer demand. Many carpet washing companies are having financial difficulties in purchasing a machine that can meet the capacity of the next 5 - 7 years at the stage of establishment or when they switch to the automatic system, the machines purchased offer sufficient capacity only in the 2-year period of the enterprise. Generally, the companies that purchase a single row brushed automatic machine purchase the machine before completing the financing of the machine. He seeks to sell and buy a large model machine. This situation leads to the fact that there are too many automatic carpet washing machines with single row brushes and low washing capacity in the second-hand market, and the prices are well below zero values. We have developed a system to increase Thanks to this system, which we call the smart modular system, you can increase your capacity by adding additional modules to your existing machine. When it comes to automatic carpet washing machine, Karteknik Makina is the number one choice of all Turkey and the World. Our company, which produces professional automatic carpet washing machines, provides quality, technological and affordable carpet washing equipment with different designs in a way that can meet all the machine needs of the companies that wash with all kinds of carpet washing equipment. Carpet washing companies that want to be expert and professional in their business, do not buy a machine without consulting Karteknik. Karteknik Makina produces industrial carpet washing machines suitable for your needs and wishes. The industrial carpet washing machine, which is among the professional carpet washing equipment you can supply, is very useful for carpet washing companies. It is known by everyone that it is of great importance today. Industrial type carpet washing machines with every technical feature, which a carpet washing company needs, are the hands of the carpet washing companies, especially in the busy season. The main reason is that carpet washing companies wash more carpets in the season compared to other months. In other words, what a carpet cleaning business needs most is the concept of time and, of course, other indispensable technical features.

Important details such as adjustable washing time according to the dirtiness of a carpet, water and detergent control, adjustable brush pressure strength are determined by Cleanvac, and durable, robust, technological and affordable industrial carpet washing machines are produced by Cleanvac according to the wishes of carpet washing companies. Industrial type carpet washing machines are professional machines produced for carpet washing companies in terms of saving electricity, water and other expenses. Professional industrial carpet washing machine prices suitable for your needs are quite affordable in Karteknik Machinery when you look at the market in general. If you say you want to have an industrial carpet washing machine with such a feature.

Don't stop, call Karteknik Makina. Moreover; You can have the best quality and useful industrial carpet washing machine you are looking for at affordable prices. Call us for detailed information and to find out the prices of industrial carpet washing machines. It is now very easy to buy the most popular carpet cleaning machines in the sector, which is preferred by companies that wash with all kinds of carpet washing equipment.

The carpet to be washed is placed on the platform of the machine. After the carpet is laid on the platform, the machine's control panel enters how long the carpet will be washed with detergent, how many minutes it will brush, how long it will rinse, and press the start button and wait until the machine finishes the carpet washing job.

The automatic machine is a computer-controlled, programmable full automatic carpet washing machine. Our machine is the latest technology product in carpet washing, developed in cooperation with Tübitak. Thanks to being programmable with a computer, it can wash 6 m2 carpet at a competitive cost of approximately 50 Ykr by using detergent, water and electricity in the most efficient way.
The washing process starts by placing the carpet or carpets on the carpet washing platform of the employee and pressing the start button of the machine. On average, the process ends in 4-5 minutes. The personnel in the carpet cleaning can also perform other operations during the washing process.

The automatic carpet washing machine consumes an average of 6.9 kW of electricity per hour. During this period, it can wash 100 m2 carpet.

The average water consumption of the machine varies between 300 - 500 liters. You can choose an existing program for detergent and water consumption in the machine, or you can make this program according to the amount you want to use yourself. Your preferences are memorized and the possibility of consuming the desired amount of water and detergent is provided. 3 or 4 brushes exert an effective pressure on the carpet, moving both transversely and longitudinally at the same time, rotating at 170 (times) per minute in each of the 3 brushes, effectively rubbing the carpets crosswise and longitudinally. Likewise, on the return, this scrubbing process continues in the opposite direction, ensuring that it is brushed from all directions. It has the feature of repeating these operations thousands of times without interrupting the order.

Heavy dirt that will not be removed with a single brushing can be easily cleaned with the effect of chemicals and water during the third or more brushing.

Automatic carpet washing machine drags lint, fluff and hair that are not completely removed by brushing away from the carpet.

Full automatic carpet washing machines not only increase the washing quality of carpet washing companies, but also save time and reduce labor costs by 70%.

As a manufacturer of Cleanvac automatic washing machines, we have been producing cleaning machines for 36 years. Of course, many companies have entered this sector in order to get a share from the carpet washing machines market, which has been trending in recent years. However, as in every field of business, experience in the production of full automatic carpet washing machines is a very valuable accumulation. Many machine manufacturers carry out their R&D studies on the machines they produce and sell to the customer. As a result of this, the sector has trained more successful automatic machine repairers than successful carpet washing companies. In the production of cleaning machines, the number of experienced carpet washing machine manufacturers, who produce with engineering, does not exceed the fingers of one hand.
We would like to emphasize the necessity of examining and paying attention to more than the exterior design that will impress everyone, for new carpet washers, for carpet washes that will enlarge their facilities and renew their machines. To emphasize this with an example, the outer profile of automatic carpet washing is very important, and the profile thickness that no one takes a caliper and measures. All machines look the same. Companies that sell products with a low price advantage choose the profile thickness of 3.5 mm for fully automatic carpet washing machines. Although this may not seem like a problem at first, the required thickness is 4 mm. The automatic carpet washing machine, which is produced from a profile with a thickness of 3.5 mm, will suffer from axial misalignment within a maximum of one year, and its printing power will decrease. Carpet cleaning quality will decrease. The expenses for the machine will increase every year. After a certain wear and tear, the repair price paid for the machine will find the price of the machine. As the late Vehbi Koç said, none of us are rich enough to buy something cheap.


1. Obtain your machine from corporate companies with vision and sector knowledge.

If businesses do not have a vision for the future, the quality of the work they do decreases. If the company invests in R&D, innovation, product development and contribution to the sector in its future vision, and develops the carpet washing machines it produces, this company will survive in the long run and provide long-term service. In this sense, by purchasing carpet washing machines from companies with vision, they will be able to receive the necessary after-sales service and spare parts services in the long run. Problems to be experienced in the future if machinery is purchased from companies that do not have a vision and that we use the term under the counter business; There will be many problems such as spare parts shortage, service shortage, warranty shortage, quality problems related to the materials used.
For this reason, it is necessary to purchase machinery from companies with vision and sector knowledge. Companies that have not invested in the sector, have not developed themselves in the sector or are not fully involved in the sector cannot know what the sector wants. Those who do not know what the industry wants cannot produce quality, efficient and useful machines suitable for the industry. That's why it is very important to know the industry and what the industry wants. If the manufacturer does not have these features, the customer should not buy carpet washing machines from these companies.

2. In order for the machine you will buy to work in a long-lasting and healthy manner, it must be manufactured from stainless chrome or hot-dip galvanized iron material.

In order to prevent the main body and parts of the carpet washing machine from being exposed to corrosion in the long term, it must be made of hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel material. Too many chemicals are used in these machines. Many of the chemicals used while washing the carpet cause very serious corrosion as they have stain removal and cleaning properties. The best material to protect carpet washing machines from corrosion; It is the material we call hot-dip galvanized, that is, zinc-plated and stainless steel. These two materials are definitely the materials that should be preferred in machine manufacturing, especially in carpet washing machines. In addition, the machine is exposed to serious corrosion in materials such as painted electro galvanized coating. Afterwards, the machine cannot be serviced. Parts cannot be removed, some things cannot be changed. Therefore, in order for the carpet washing machine to work healthily and smoothly in the long run, it must be hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel.

3.Pay attention to the origin of the materials used in the machines.

Some parts such as bearings, which are used in the moving parts of carpet washing machines, must not be of poor quality, such as made in China. Because many machine parts produced in countries such as China are very poor in terms of quality. The use of these poor quality products in the machines causes problems within 6-7 months and causes great problems in the long run. While the profit of the manufacturer using these poor quality products increases, the customer incurs losses in the long run. Cleanvac supplies carpet washing machines by considering their origin and quality status during the creation phase and when choosing consumables. If imported material is to be used, it pays attention to its importers and pays attention not to use poor quality materials such as Chinese made.

4. Investigate the compatibility of the power of the motors and reducers used on the machine with the machine you purchased.

One of the criteria that the machine purchasing company will pay attention to is the power of the engines and reducers used in the machines. If the diameter of the brush and the power of the reducer used in the machine are not suitable, problems will be experienced in the long run. If the brush diameter is large and the motor power is small, either the reducer may break down, the motor may burn out, or the power of the machine may be lost in the future.
For this reason, the motor power used, the diameters of the brushes used, the structure of the conveyor belt used, the power and size of the reducer that moves the conveyor belt used are important. These definitely need attention. Such situations reduce the production cost for the machine manufacturer. If the reducer is small and the motor is weak, this is of course more cost-effective. If the manufacturer has done such a thing in order to make the machine more affordable, the person who buys the machine should pay attention to these. It is very important to use suitable engine  , reducer, brush, conveyor belt, that is, suitable materials in the machine. That's why the person who buys the engine, reducer and other parts used on the machine should have knowledge about this subject and choose it carefully and meticulously.
When asking a question to the company, he should be careful that the manufacturer's answer and the answers he receives are clear. At this point, Cleanvac shows its machines to its customers in a transparent and clear way, including the motor, reducer, etc. used. It provides all kinds of opportunities in line with customer satisfaction by providing technical information support for many things.

5. The company should be able to provide you with the necessary service in terms of warranty, service and after-sales services. Since the carpet washing sector is new, many of the companies that produce machinery in the carpet washing sector are new. When viewed, it is available in very small businesses as well as corporate businesses. There are companies in the sector that create a team of 2-3 people and produce machinery. Of course, there will be a difference between a corporate company and a company that employs 2-3 people. The number of employees and the competencies of the employees differ in corporate companies. As there are separate employees working at the automation point, separate working at the assembly point, separate working at the welding point, and working at the points where operations such as turning and milling are performed, a bit competence situation occurs. If there is a problem with a machine, since the person working in each field is different, they can provide instant and quality service, which provides a great advantage to the customer. In Cleanvac, we have a team that is constantly at the service of companies and providing service to companies. Firms with a team of 2-3 other people may be insufficient to the point of providing service while producing machinery. Therefore, when purchasing machinery, it is necessary to purchase machinery from corporate enterprises. Cleanvac is ahead of many companies at this point. It is among the companies that provide the best after-sales service.

6. The company should be able to guarantee 5 years of spare parts and 10 years of service after the warranty period of the machine expires.

The corporate structure of the company is very important.
There should be an obligation to employ engineers in machinery producing companies, because many parts have to be standardized. These parts should be recorded, all of the machines produced, from the parts used in the machine to the operations performed, should be included in a certain recording system so that in case of a service event that may occur 5-10 years later, it should be able to guarantee spare parts or parts. At this point, Cleanvac provides the advantage of having spare parts for 5 years and providing service in 10 years. Providing this advantage is an indispensable condition that machine manufacturers should definitely do. As Cleanvac, our difference from others is; is that we have a storage area and that we are holding stock. The fact that we produce long-term solutions for these parts sets us apart from other companies.

7. The company must be producing machinery in an environment conducive to mass production.

The company should be able to produce all the necessary parts in machine production, from the shaft to the assembly, within its own structure. At this point, Cleanvac CNC incorporates lathes, sheet metal cutting machines, casting machines, welding and assembly machines, and processes many materials, which are almost only raw materials, within its own structure and provides the output as a machine. Customers who want to buy a machine should also consider these criteria. Does the manufacturer process all the parts? Does it produce according to quality standards?
Does it apply quality standards in its business and production? It is necessary to ask questions and pay attention to these situations sensitively. We recommend that the customer who will buy the machine visit the company where they will buy the machine and see the production processes. An important point regarding the environment conducive to mass production is the 'Size of the Production Area'.
Because mass production requires a serious area. Many parts such as assembly area, welding area, cutting area, machining must exist and these systems must work in harmony as a workflow.

8. The company should be able to provide you with domestic and international user references when requested.

It is an important issue for the company to give confidence to its customers at the reference point. If the manufacturer can give references in the country and abroad, and if the references given give positive references for the company, this company has a company structure that falls within the criteria for obtaining machinery. The reference of the manufacturer means trust in the quality of the work it has done and the institutionality of the company. If attention is paid to the quality of the work done and a good job is done in ensuring customer satisfaction, the return of the references will be positive.
This is a matter of trust for the person who wants to buy a new machine. Therefore, companies should be comfortable when giving references, and companies that use their machines from home and abroad should be able to give references. At this point, Cleanvac is among the companies that can give their references with peace of mind in nearly 30 countries abroad and nearly 60 cities in the country.

9. Attention should be paid to the quality of the consumables used in the machine and it should be checked whether the materials suitable for carpet washing are selected.

It is necessary to observe whether the consumable groups used in the machine, especially the factors affecting carpet washing, are selected correctly and whether they are effective.
It is necessary to check that many of the materials used are suitable for carpet washing. These materials are; Brush, reducer, motor, band, general structure of the machine, pool, carriage, lower brush, upper roller, squeegee, water tank, detergent, that is, all consumables used in the machine should be carefully examined and if necessary, poor quality material should be replaced.

10. Care should be taken to ensure that the machine you are considering purchasing is the most suitable machine for your business.

If the carpet cleaning business is to be carried out, the population density of the region such as the province, district, town, carpet usage habits and carpet cleaning habits are very important. If a carpet cleaning business is to be carried out in a small town, the machinery and equipment to be purchased must be suitable for that area. In other words, it will be better for the enterprise to buy a machine suitable for the capacity, not a very large machine or a very small machine. If the carpet cleaner is going to wash 350-400 m2 of carpet a day, he should prefer a machine with this capacity. Buying a higher capacity carpet washing machine will be a budget challenge. These criteria should be considered when purchasing machines such as squeezing, whisking and sweeping that you plan to use while purchasing the machine. Population density of the region where the company has a capacity, carpet usage habits and washing habits are important factors. If it predicts that the business will grow, the machine should be selected accordingly. Support should be obtained from the company from which the machine is purchased, and the most appropriate investment should be made by suggesting the most accurate machine. Cleanvac is in the effort and effort to make the right investment for its customers at the investment point. It recommends machines suitable for the structure of each company and makes purchases according to the needs.