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Developing technology, increasing needs, growing sectors, and customer groups that always want improvement encourage manufacturers and investors to renew every day. Questions are also increasing in the carpet washing sector, the shining star of the service sector. First question, which is the best carpet washing machine?

The answer to this question should of course be answered according to the priorities of the person asking the question.

Which is the best carpet wringing machine in terms of technical values, how much is the best carpet wringing machine price?

In terms of cost priority, the answer to the question of which is the best carpet spinning machine will be different.

Economists define the best as maximum performance, minimum cost and longevity.

The best carpet wringer should technically provide us with:

  • High dryness (97%)
  • Quiet and smooth operation (can be provided with shock absorber elements, if it is wheeled, the forklift wheel produced for this job must be used, if it has legs, it must be equipped with more than one shock absorber element)
  • Low electricity cost (opportunity to set time on external panel)
  • Robust construction (heavy machine) that can tolerate handling errors
  • Occupational safety (external electrical panel)

Possibility of maintenance, repair and part replacement to reduce wear and tear (in the elements that work and require lubrication, there must be a grease nipple, the cover must be anti-wear, a polyamide system so that the wear is on this part and the replacement cost is low.)

The electric motors used in carpet wringing machines are 380 volts, 1400 rpm. This engine speed is reduced by the pulley system to obtain the spin speed. Contrary to what is advertised on the internet sites, the speed is between 800-900 (rpm) in light squeezing machines made of thin material. The ideal speed is 1200 rpm.

In order for the machine to spin at 1200 rpm, the drum wall thickness should be 3 mm.

If your search for the most affordable carpet wringing machine is only about cheapness, we recommend you to choose cleanvac carpet wringers as a second hand carpet wringing machine.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Machine?

Recommended machine speed should be at least 1200 and above. Thus, it may be possible to reduce humidity up to 95%. The thickness of the drum should be 3 mm and chrome. Thus, healthy squeezing takes place without tiring the machine. In the selection of the machine, the dimensions vary according to the carpet sizes that the people of the region generally use.


The engines, which are considered the heart of the machine, are produced to serve for many years. Every detail, from its transmission to its belt, is precisely controlled and used by our production engineers.

Another important part of the machine, the drum, is designed to be used for long years without rusting, using real chrome.

Lid grip system

• The machine works silently and without vibration.

• The tubular machine does not cause any damage to the carpet due to the way of squeezing the carpet.

• 98% dryness is provided in the carpets wrung out with this machine.

• The machine has a carpet rinsing machine feature.

• It helps to achieve perfect fringe cleaning by preventing water from flowing through the eaves during drying.

• Time and labor efficiency increases

• No detergent residues

• Carpets do not have problems such as deformation or breakage.

• Since the carpets do not remain damp for a long time, there will be no bad odor on the carpets.


• The machine must be installed on a flat surface, leveled. While installing your device, check whether the power and voltage are suitable for your network.


• After the electrical connection is made according to the regulations, the carpet should be placed in the drum with both ends equal and in the direction of rotation. Otherwise, the machine may jump due to the balance and harm itself, people and the environment.

• After the carpet is placed in this way, the machine is activated with the help of the on-off button. After 5-6 minutes of operation, it is stopped. When the drum stops turning completely, the cover is opened and the carpet is taken out and left to air for a while.

How Much is a Carpet Spinning Machine?

The price of the machine you will use in your business is determined by the width of the carpets you have washed. Before asking how much the carpet wringing machine is, determine the width of the carpets you have washed. The width of the carpet washed by the enterprises will determine the drum length of the carpet spinning machine. Carpet wringing machines have many options such as wheeled carpet wringing machine, carpet drying machine, carpet wringing machine with shock absorber, and bellows carpet wringing machine. Carpet wringing machine prices, let's first choose the machine you need technically by talking to our customer representative, then we will offer you suitable offers according to your budget and purchasing power. Although second-hand carpet wringing machines are more suitable in terms of price, their useful life may require serious technical dominance. You can get an evaluation of the machine's age and current state by calling us with the serial number on the machine in el Cleanvac brand rl1400 carpet spinning machine preferences.

How does the carpet wringing machine work?

Carpet wringing machine works like a washing machine in simple terms. The washing machine rotates to the right for a while during the washing process, and to the left for a while. When it comes to the spin step, it spins in one direction with a higher speed and spins the laundry. Carpet wringing machine is the version of this wringing process done on longer drums.

Carpets cannot be folded together like laundry in terms of shape. It folds into a roll. The rolled carpet is placed in the carpet wringing machine. The winding direction of the carpet and the rotation direction of the carpet wringing machine should be opposite. Carpet wringing machine, when the working direction and the opening direction of the carpet are opposite, the carpet opens and sticks to the drum. Celanvac rl1400T wheeled carpet wringing machine and Cleanvac rl1400a carpet wringing machines with shock absorber have automatic time adjustment. When this time is up, the machine stops. The carpet is removed by winding in the opposite direction from the completely stopped machine.

Carpet wringing machines only allow you to dry the carpets earlier with the wringing process. The fine dust thrown by the squeezing water greatly increases the washing quality of the carpets.

It should not be forgotten that the softness of the washed carpets is not only possible with fabric softener. The more the carpet is dust-free, the softer it will be.

For second-hand carpet wringers, prefer Cleanvac carpet wringers.

All kinds of expert services are provided free of charge.

Carpet wringing machines with wheels or shock absorbers are products that allow the carpets to dry 98% in a short time by wringing them at high speeds after the washing process.

If a washed carpet is left to dry directly on the hanger, it will stay wet for a long time, cause a bad smell, decrease the product quality and increase the cost of the business. In the carpet cleaning business, the washing process is indispensable. Likewise, the washing process alone is not sufficient without having a wringer. Any CLEANVAC carpet spinner can complete this process in 2 minutes in general.

Carpet wringing machines; It is divided into two as wheeled and shock absorber models. Wheeled models are preferred by customers who wash on the floor or do not have enough space in their shop because they are low. The model with shock absorber is more preferred in automatic facilities as it is closer to the belt width of automatic carpet washing thanks to its required height. Carpet wringers can be in different sizes and cycle options. It has inner drum lengths ranging from 100 mm to 500 mm and options such as 1200, 1400, 1600 revolutions. Carpet spin dryer prices vary according to the material structure and dimensions used.

The best carpet wringing machine can be selected by considering the drum diameter, the quality of the drum sheet, the thickness of the sheet, and the engine power. Even though the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a carpet wringing machine is to spin the carpet, you can also spin blankets and quilts with this machine.

Carpet wringing machine is used by our customers in many cities such as Izmir, Carpet wringing machine in Istanbul, Carpet wringing machines in Ankara, carpet wringing machine in Konya, Carpet wringing machine in Bursa, Carpet wringing machine in Batman, Carpet wringing machine in Rize, Carpet wringing machine in Mugla.

Carpet wringing machine with brake system and straight type production is provided according to the customer's preference.

The machine should not be operated before the cover of the carpet wringing machine is completely closed.

In the CLEANVAC RL series, all functions, both internal and external, are produced with the aim of providing you with longer life and maximum performance.

If you want to add value to your business, you can choose CLEANVAC products.

Things to be Considerate

  • The way the carpet is laid is very important.
  • The correct way of laying the carpet is shown on the machine.
  • Make sure that the cover is completely closed.
  • The carpet should be laid out so that it does not balance
  • The cover of the machine should not be opened without stopping.
  • The bearings should be greased at regular intervals.
  • The machine must be grounded.

Individuals who want to begin a carpet washing business, first gather information about the necessary equipment for this job. There are two machines that are indispensable for this job. One of them is a carpet washing machine and the other is a carpet wringing machine. If you ask what purpose the carpet wringing machine is used for, it is used to ensure that the water of the washed carpets is squeezed and dried in a shorter time. If a carpet wringing machine is not used, it may take 4 to 7 days for a carpet to dry depending on the weather conditions. With the Cleanvac carpet wringing machine, 98% of the water of the carpet is evacuated. Thus, the carpets are dried in a shorter time and delivered to the customers in a shorter time. Another answer to the question of what purpose the carpet wringing machine is used for is to prevent yellowing and stains caused by the water accumulating on the fringes of the carpets that are hung without being wringed. Since we have passed the part of what purpose the carpet wringing machine is used for, it is useful to give some information about the way it works. After the washing process, the wet carpets are rolled and placed in the carpet wringing machine in the specified direction. There is a timer relay on the control panel. After the desired working time is set (approximately 1.5-2 minutes) and the start button is pressed, the carpet wringing machine works for the desired time. Then it automatically stops. After the wringing process is completed, the carpet is 98% dry. The damp carpets coming out of the machine are ready for delivery as completely dried after 1 day of airing. Carpet wringing machine prices vary according to the material structure and dimensions used. The best carpet wringing machine drum diameter can be selected considering the engine power. Cleanvac Karteknik Makina is the first company that comes to mind when it comes to silent-operating carpet wringing machine. Cleanvac Carpet Wringers are extremely quiet and vibration-free.

Therefore, it can be used very comfortably even under apartments. Due to the lack of physical contact with the carpet, there are no cases of breaking and tearing in the carpets. You can get information 24/7 about Cleanvac Carpet Wringing Machines and other product groups by visiting our website or by calling +90 531 7238737.

We are always with you with our professional production and team.