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Wheeled Carpet Wringing Machines

Carpet wringing machine is a chrome drum machine with wheels or shock absorber feet. One of the most crucial points of the carpet washing process is the carpet spinning process. The washed carpets are dried as soon as possible with this machine.
Carpet wringing machines perfectly squeeze washed carpets, allow them to rinse during spinning and bring them to the closest humidity to drying. The machines, which are specially produced according to the size of the carpets you will squeeze, minimize the wringing time.

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Machine?
Recommended machine cycle should be at least 1200 and above. Thus, it may be possible to reduce humidity up to 95%. The thickness of the drum should be 3 mm and chrome. Thus, the healthy wringing process takes place without tiring the machine.
The dimensions in the selection of the machine vary according to the carpet sizes used by the people of the region.

Engines, considered the heart of the machine, are manufactured to serve for many years. Every detail, from transmission to belt, is carefully controlled and used by our production engineers.

The drum, another important part of the machine, is designed to be used for long years without rusting, using real chrome.

Cover clutch system
The machine runs silently and without vibration
• Tubular type machine does not harm the carpet due to its roll carpet wringing style.
• 98% dryness is achieved in carpets tightened with this machine.
• The machine has carpet rinsing machine feature.
Helps to achieve perfect fringe cleaning by preventing water flowing from the eaves during drying.
• Time and labor efficiency increases

No detergent residue
• There are no problems such as deformation or breakage in carpets.
• Since the carpets do not remain moist for a long time, there is no bad smell in the carpets.

• The machine should be installed leveled on a flat surface. While installing your device, check if its power and voltage are suitable for your network.

• According to the regulations, after the electrical connection is made, the carpet should be placed in the drum with two ends equal and in the direction of rotation. Otherwise, the machine may jump due to balance and damage itself, people and the environment.
• In this way, after the carpet is placed, the machine is activated with the help of the on / off button. It is stopped after 5-6 minutes of operation, when the drum stops spinning completely, the cover is opened and the carpet is removed and left for ventilation for a while.