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Cleanvac ST 2500 road sweeper, which is one of the first compact road sweepers produced in Turkey in cooperation with TUBITAK, has remarkable features with its considerably lower investment costs compared to imported brand vehicles.

With the pressurized water spray feature integrated into its structure, it prevents dusting by spraying water before or after cleaning the roads and streets, while providing long-term cleaning without removing dust, it does not disturb. Road cleaning machines, which are preferred by factories with large facilities to the science directorates of municipalities, can easily sweep all areas, including narrow streets and walkways, and can be housed in a garbage collection chamber with its vacuum feature.

You can easily manage a process that does not need continuous unloading with its 2,5 M3 garbage collection area. With its high vacuum power, it can easily lift large and small garbage from the ground to stones that should not be there. Since the needs of each city and area are different from each other, our cleanvac st2500 road sweeper will be equipped with advanced technology and technical choices that provide high performance.

Our street, street and road sweeping machines, which are produced in Turkey with domestic facilities, can be produced in various sizes and capacities and can start service. The success of Turkish engineers, the Cleanvac ST 2500 Road Sweeper has been instrumental in making spare parts cheap and easily accessible, as a domestically produced vehicle that has the potential to serve you for many years by delivering more than your needs.