CLEANVAC ULV 50 Disinfectant Spraying Machine

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Cleanvac ULV 50 Disinfectant Spraying Machine sprays the chemical substances in a very low volume to the desired environment in a pulverized form, and ensures that harmful substances such as advanced bacteria and viruses become harmless by spraying. The environment in which it is applied does not leave moisture and stains. Cleanvac ulv 50 provides spraying in the form of fog close to steam.

It is produced with 220 volt single phase. For this reason, you can use it by plugging it into any area you want. The device has a practical on-off switch and a flow adjustment valve.

It has a 5 liter tank capacity resistant to all kinds of chemicals.

Usage Fields:

  • Hospitals and health centers,
  • Mosques,
  • All areas at risk of infection,
  • All common areas that people come into contact with,
  • Schools, private teaching institutions, all educational institutions and dormitories,
  • Shopping malls,
  • home and workplaces,
  • animal habitats,
  • Hotels, restaurants, cafes, pools, gardens,
  • Disinfection and vaccination processes etc.