Floor Scrubber

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Cleaning and polishing the floor is a separate process. Floor cleaning and polishing machines are used for this job. Let’s just examine the cleaning machines included in the cleaning machines. Floor cleaning machines divided in:
Vacuum floor cleaning machines
2- It is divided into two as floor cleaning machines without vacuum. The working principle of vacuum cleaning machines is scrubbing, giving water to the rubbed place and vacuuming this water. There is a brushing apparatus in floor cleaning machines according to the type of floor. In this group of cleaning machines, brush and pad holder are used, as well as glit pads according to the floor type. Pad selection is chosen according to the hardness of the floor. The hardness range of these pads, also called felt, is wide. Floor cleaning machines are also named floor scrubbers. There are also battery powered and electric models. Acu floor scrubbers are also called charged floor scrubbers. This group of cleaning machines works with 24 and their sound decibels are 70% lower than electric floor washing machines. It has a working capacity of three to four hours. It is used successfully in areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, schools, governorships, municipal buildings. Electric floor washing machines can be carried for a long time without interruption. It works with 220 volt mains voltage. Another distinctive feature that distinguishes floor cleaning machines from each other is the tank capacity. Their capacity starts from 25 liters, except for narrow washing machines. This capacity can go up to 90 liters in electrical machines. Dedusting becomes more and more important in enterprises as it affects the life of the computer equipped counter. Floor washing is the most important application in achieving this goal.