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Floor Scrubbers

The Earth is so big, and it has gravity. Is the gravitational force that connects us to the world one of the important actors of the pollution on our floors? Say what ? The ground is polluted. If the slogan Cleanvac is cleaned with floor scrubbers sounds very familiar, shall we say it?

Cleaning machines basically fight dust. Dust, on the other hand, can pass wherever the air passes in the dry state. We fight dust with Cleanvac sweepers and street sweepers. The first step of permanent dedusting is sweeping, and the permanent step is cleaning with water. The dust that clings to the water cannot come out with the air circulation, it is taken from the environment with great success by collapsing in the water. For this, we need industrial type cleaning machines, also called floor cleaning machines or floor scrubber. Floor washing machines, electric floor washing machines, our starting product is Cleanvac ESC42. As battery powered floor scrubbers, they can be divided into two groups according to the way the electric motors are fed. Cleanvac floor scrubbers are grouped according to their dirty - clean water capacity and whether they have a pusher or not. Floor washing machine with ride-on, floor scrubber with pusher can be evaluated separately according to the size of the enterprises and preference can be made. Cleanvac B12001 is currently the highest capacity of the ride-on floor scrubber. One of the Cleanvac floor washing machines needed in businesses is definitely for you...

These machines, which are needed almost everywhere with a wide floor, save time, water, detergent and manpower. Our products, which have model differences in terms of power and features, are evaluated in more than one category as ride-on, battery-powered and electric. It is a floor washing machine, also known as a cleaning car. You can get information on the customer hotline at 0(232) 433 55 65 to choose the most suitable machine for floor washing cleaning and floor washing.

Floor washing machines are floor scrubbers used for cleaning the floors of institutions and businesses. It is collected in 3 groups as electric floor washing machine, battery powered floor washing machine and riding floor washing machine.

The use of electric floor scrubber and floor cleaning machine is a little more troublesome than using a battery powered floor cleaner due to the cable located behind the cleaning machine. But in terms of price, electric floor cleaning machines are more affordable than battery powered floor cleaning machines. Cordless floor washing machines, which are produced for the purpose of cleaning and washing the floors in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic and in areas where the use of a corded cleaning machine is troublesome, provide users with great convenience in cleaning services.

Cordless floor cleaning machines are more expensive than electric and corded floor washing machines. This price difference is due to the gel batteries used in cordless cleaning machines. It provides more practical and easier use compared to electric floor washing machine. It is the floor washing machine preferred especially for floor cleaning of places such as schools, hospitals, factories, shopping centers, markets.


* The electrical components, brush motors, vacuum motors and electrical installation of your machine are 220-240 volts. (It is 24 Volt in battery models.)
* Do not use the brush (water set) without water.
* Carefully and absolutely clean the filters in the clean water tank and the dirty water tank at regular intervals.
* When the dirty water tank is full, do not forget to drain the water from the drain hose.
* The dirty water tank should be emptied before it reaches the filter inside the filling level. Otherwise, it will cause serious malfunctions.
* You should use detergents and chemicals that do not foam.
* Perform the on / off operation of the brush motor with the brush lowered to the ground. Otherwise, the brush will come off.
* Do not leave the plug in the socket in case of any malfunction or during maintenance. Be careful about this. (Remove the battery terminals in battery models.)
* Clean the machine when you are done. Do not leave water in the water tank.
* Do not draw harmful chemicals to human and animal health with the machine.
* Do not unplug the floor washing machine before it is fully charged.
* Do not plug your machine into a charger before it runs out of charge.
* Use the machine when it is fully charged. (Battery models)

Floor cleaning methods to get rid of dirty floors are perhaps countless. Classic, old and unhygienic cleaning with a mop has become unable to meet the need day by day. Crowded communal living spaces. Outstanding hygiene obligation. The fact that 15% of the dirt can be removed with a mop. Dirt is not removed from the surface. It spreads over the surface. Dirt is diluted on the surface, making it harder to see. And more importantly, infested bacteria, viruses and all kinds of microbes are spreading over wider areas.

The floor must be washed and the dirt removed from the surface. And if possible, it should be disinfected with detergents and floor cleaning disinfectants with the appropriate qualification certificate. The floor scrubber does three tasks. One, gives the floor medicated or pure water, while giving the liquid to the two floors, it brushes with high power pressure, after three washing processes, it makes the floor clean from dirt and water by making a very strong vacuum with the water suction apparatus on the back. Your floor will now get dirty later. Your floor will be freed from wear as the dust on it is pressed onto the soil. Your floor is now free from dirt, germs and bacteria. Dirt from one place will not be carried to another.
If floor scrubber are used on the floors, the cleaning period will be extended and serious savings will be achieved in labor. In a short time, permanent, hygienic world-class cleaning will be achieved with a single personnel.

In the floor cleaning of the factories, it is foreseen that the washing of the floors should be done with floor scrubbers. Factory floors vary a lot. Cleaning of factories with pressurized concrete floors and cleaning of floors such as epoxy, marble, tiles, granite, tile stone can be done with a single floor washing.

There are many different types, from machines with 35 liters of dirty water capacity to 35 liters of clean water capacity to 250 dirty 250 liters of dirty water capacity and ride-on floor scrubbers. Electric floor washing machines work with 220 volts and have corded use. Battery powered floor scrubbers work on a charge. Riding type floor washing machine is even more useful in obtaining uninterrupted work in large areas. When choosing a factory floor washing machine, the selection should be made according to the total square meter of the area and the width of the areas where the machine is expected to pass.
The length of the machine from front to back determines the turning radius in the area where the machine will operate. If it is a multi-storey business or a factory, it will be correct to evaluate its portability to floors by checking the freight elevator size.

Cleanvac floor scrubbers are powerful advanced design cleaning machines with adjustable brush pressure adjustment on all kinds of floors, designed to serve under heavy conditions. As with all cleaning machines produced under the Cleanavac brand, you can choose from a wide range of products such as battery powered floor washing machines, electric floor scrubbers, ride-on floor scrubbers and narrow area floor scrubbers. If you have difficulty in choosing, you can contact one of our customer representatives and get a price on the right product selection. You can buy the most affordable floor washing machines with the assurance of Karteknik Makina and use them for many years with confidence and high efficiency.

Floor cleaning, which is needed in schools, has gained importance especially during pandemic periods. While traditional floor cleaning methods are insufficient in meeting these needs, it becomes a serious problem for children and young people who are just getting ready for life to experience slipping and falling and injuries caused by wetness on the floor. In order to eliminate this problem, floor cleaning should be done especially during class hours, and the moisture on the floor should be removed during the process and the slippery situation should be overcome. In order for the floor to be truly cleaned, it must be brushed. At the same time, the floor cleaning chemical to be used should not foam excessively and leave residue, or it should be in a formula that will not cause diseases that may arise from inhalation. Another problem when cleaning the floors of schools is that it takes the time of the person in charge and causes the work flow to slow down. For this reason, schools are reducing their budgets by having to employ a second cleaner. During the cleaning of the floors of the schools, after the mop is pulled during the drying phase, the water on the floor should be carried by using a squeegee and thrown out.

 Floors in schools may differ depending on the year of construction. Floors can be found in varieties such as marble, epoxy, tile, granite. Since the students are studying in the classrooms during cleaning of these floors, the cleaning solution you will choose should be very quiet. At this stage, the school floor cleaning machine you can choose can be any of the Cleanvac floor scrubbers. Especially the models E3501, E4501 and E7501 are literally suitable floor cleaning solutions for schools.

 There are many types, from 35 liters of dirty and 35 liters of clean water capacities to 250 liters of clean and dirty water capacity floor cleaning machines. Our electric (corded) floor cleaning machines models work with 220 Volt electric current. Our battery powered models are powered by 24 Volt gel batteries. Rider models can be preferred for floor cleaning machines to be preferred for large areas. In rider models, battery and diesel engine options are available. Floor cleaning machines are machines designed to work under heavy conditions. It can work in all kinds of ground and pressure settings. It is enough to run it to discover the power behind it while displaying an aesthetic stance with its outer coating designed with new technology.

Take the brush (diameter 43 cm) that we have supplied with the machine. Have another person lift ten of the machine by pressing down on the handle with both hands. Bring the brush in your hand to the bearing in front of the motor.

Make sure that the brush is attached by approaching it parallel to the gaps in the brush and turning the brush to the left. Then lower the front of the vending machine to the ground.

Open the lid of the blue clean water tank and add enough water and detergent. As a detergent, you should definitely prefer detergents and shampoos that do not foam.
Charge your machine before starting to work. Press the pedal at the bottom right behind the machine with your right foot and push it to the right. The pedal will go up.
In this way, ensure that the brush descends (touches the ground). Open the water valve located at the bottom left of the back of the machine according to the pollution and type of the ground.
Start the brush by pressing the brush motor button on the machine (on the panel) and take the machine to the place where you will wash it.
Wash it this way.
When you want to do both washing and vacuuming, while the washing process is being performed, pull the apparatus lifting lever located in the upper middle of the back of the machine down from its place and make the apparatus go down and press the vacuum motor button.
In this way, while washing, vacuuming is done at the same time.
When you are finished cleaning, turn off the water valve and absorb the remaining water on the floor. Then turn off the vacuum motor switch (red button).

Turn off the brush motor button (green button) while the brush is in the down position (on the ground).
Then park the machine in a place where it will not be damaged or damaged.

* Use the machine when it is fully charged. (Battery models)

Floor scrubbers; It is a product that can be easily used and needed in all closed areas such as schools, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, offices, hospitals. Do not use mop, cloth, etc. to wipe the floor. It is a serious waste of time and energy for the attendant, although it does not provide an effective cleaning. It is obvious that it is also quite inadequate in terms of cleaning. Cleaning the dirt on the floor during the day by means of floor cleaning machines is a very important situation in terms of both the morale of the individuals in the environment and the preservation of the stylish and clean appearance of the area.

In line with all these results, Cleanvac floor scrubbers and floor washing machines will meet all your needs and expectations.

Dirty and Clean Water Tanks in One Piece

- The fact that the dirty and clean water tanks are monolithic means that the machine saves space by occupying less space than its counterparts. In the equivalent machines in the market, dirty and clean water tanks are produced separately and take up much more space, as they are tried to be placed in a machine mold.

The floor scrubbers produced with the new generation technology have produced two tanks (dirty and clean water tanks) from a single mold, saving space and producing compact machines. Since the cost of two water tanks in the same liters is lower in terms of mass production, we can offer you a better price policy. We can also achieve designs that are up to 15% smaller. In this way, our floor washing machines make your work easier by having higher maneuverability in narrow spaces.

Brush Diameter

The fact that the brush diameter is larger than other machines is effective in ending the brushing process earlier by penetrating more areas. With floor brushing machines, you will clean 10% faster than equivalent machine types, and you will save time.

Sound Level (dB)

It is the quietest floor scrubber in its class with the operating sound level of the machine, where many factors such as the type of motor used in floor cleaning machines and the area where the motor is mounted are effective. It is the right choice in areas where silence is important such as hospitals, libraries, schools and classrooms.

"Rational Brush" System for Curved or Curved, Uneven Surfaces

In floor scrubbers that do not use a rational brush system, on floors with pits or uneven slopes, the brush will continue to clean before it reaches the relevant area. The new generation rational brush system is the first and only in Turkey and aims to reach all points on the floor with 360 degree zig-zag movements of the brush on all curved, rough, curved and uneven surfaces.

Self Driving Floor Scrubber

In pusher models of floor scrubbers, a minimum of 1-2 kilograms of forward pressure is required for the operator to move the machine forward. Although it is not noticed at the beginning of the process, it causes the operator to feel physically tired, especially in the middle of the process. As a result of our new technology developments and R&D studies, the kinetic energy of the brush obtained from friction has been converted into motion energy and the machine has been enabled to move forward by itself. In this way, the user will not feel tired regardless of the duration of the procedure and will complete it in a short time without the need for rest.

Easily Accessible, Easily Cleanable Dirty Water Tank

You can drain the water from the dirty water discharge hose on the back of our floor scrubber series, and you can clean and maintain your machine in a short time thanks to its large and wide cover structure.

You can contact us about floor scrubber prices.

If you have a very large area, you can review our ride-on floor scrubber models on our site.


* Set the vacuum and brush motor start switch to 0 (zero) position.
* Unplug the machine from the socket.
* Take the suction nozzle upwards by means of the lowering/lifting lever.
* After emptying the dirty and clean water tanks, wash them with clean water.
* Raise the suction nozzle.
* Keep the machine in a clean and dry place after use.