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Floor scrubbers, which are needed almost everywhere with all kinds of large floors, save time, water and detergent, and manpower. Our products, which have model differences in terms of power and features, are evaluated in more than one category as ride-on, battery-powered and electric. It is a floor washing machine, also known as a cleaning car. You can get information on the customer hotline at +905072156682 to choose the most suitable machine for floor washing cleaning and floor washing.


* The electrical components, brush motors, vacuum motors and electrical installation of your machine are 220-240 volts. (It is 24 Volt in battery models.)
* Do not use the brush (water set) without water.
* Carefully and absolutely clean the filters in the clean water tank and the dirty water tank at regular intervals.
* When the dirty water tank is full, do not forget to drain the water from the drain hose.
* The dirty water tank should be emptied before it reaches the filter inside the filling level. Otherwise, it will cause serious malfunctions.
* You should use detergents and chemicals that do not foam.
* Perform the on / off operation of the brush motor with the brush lowered to the ground. Otherwise, the brush will come off.
* Do not leave the plug in the socket in case of any malfunction or during maintenance. Be careful about this. (Remove the battery terminals in battery models.)
* Clean the machine when you are done. Do not leave water in the water tank.
* Do not draw harmful chemicals to human and animal health with the machine.
* Do not unplug the floor washing machine before it is fully charged.
* Do not plug your machine into a charger before it runs out of charge.
* Use the machine when it is fully charged. (Battery models)


We would like to talk about our models starting from 90 liters with their suitable design for cleaning very large areas, high brush pressure, strong dirt vacuuming feature. Our rider-mounted floor cleaning machine models, the smallest of which has a 90-liter clean 90-liter dirty water tank, have models up to 250 liters of clean and 250 liters of dirty water. With its rotation cabin, it serves in a clean and stylish way without rusting for many years.
With its powerful brushing engines and state-of-the-art technology, one of our rider-mounted vending machines will surely solve your floor cleaning needs for many years without any problems. As with all of our domestically produced battery powered vending machines, you can be sure that you will solve after-sales service and spare parts services with expert technicians and appropriate spare parts.

Take the brush (diameter 43 cm) that we have supplied with the machine. Have another person lift ten of the machine by pressing down on the handle with both hands. Bring the brush in your hand to the bearing in front of the motor. Make sure that the brush is attached by approaching it parallel to the gaps in the brush and turning the brush to the left. Then lower the front of the vending machine to the ground. Open the lid of the blue clean water tank and add enough water and detergent. As a detergent, you should definitely prefer detergents and shampoos that do not foam. Charge your machine before starting to work. Press the pedal at the bottom right behind the machine with your right foot and push it to the right. The pedal will go up. In this way, ensure that the brush descends (touches the ground). Open the water valve located at the bottom left of the back of the machine according to the pollution and type of the ground. Start the brush by pressing the brush motor button on the machine (on the panel) and take the machine to the place where you will wash it. Wash it this way. When you want to do both washing and vacuuming, while the washing process is being performed, pull the apparatus lifting lever located in the upper middle of the back of the machine down from its place and make the apparatus go down and press the vacuum motor button. In this way, while washing, vacuuming is done at the same time. When you are finished cleaning, turn off the water valve and absorb the remaining water on the floor. Then turn off the vacuum motor switch (red button). Turn off the brush motor button (green button) while the brush is in the down position (on the ground). Then park the machine in a place where it will not be damaged or damaged. 

*Turn the vacuum and brush motor start switch to 0 (zero) position.
* Unplug the machine from the socket.
* Take the vacuum nozzle upwards by means of the lowering/lifting lever.
* After emptying the dirty and clean water tanks, wash them with clean water.
* Raise the vacuum nozzle.
* Keep the machine in a clean and dry place after use.

  1. When the batteries are charged, they should be full charged.
  2. While the machine is in transfer, the brush and water extraction apparatus should be removed.
  3. It is the use of matic chemical, that is, foam-controlled detergent.
  4. Care should be taken to prevent water from entering the vacuum engine during cleaning.
  5. After the work is finished, the dirty water tank should be emptied and cleaned.
  6. You should not go back while the brush water extraction apparatus is on the ground.

 Floor Scrubber model B 12001 is a "Ride-on Floor Scrubber" designed like an automobile for the cleaning of floors such as stone, concrete, granite, marble, epoxy in businesses, schools, health institutions, service centers, shops and showrooms where the areas to be cleaned are large.

Floor washing machines are divided into 3 classes as electric battery and rider battery. B 12001 Floor washing machines are floor washing machines with riders that the user can get on and use like a car.

Ride-on Floor Scrubber get their working energy from 4 gel batteries. It performs the floor scrubbing process with 2 brushes of 420 mm, side by side. It also draws water on the ground with vacuum motors.

As we mentioned before, there is a steering wheel, accelerator pedal forward and reverse gear lever and a seat for the driver on the B12001 Ride-on floor scrubber, which is designed like a car.

With the battery level indicator just in front of the steering wheel, you can see how much energy is left when using the floor washing machine.

B 12001 floor cleaning machines allow cleaning of a wider area in a shorter time compared to the rear-push models due to their high-speed advance and tank capacities, while allowing rapid cleaning due to the high suction power and brush cycle. B 12001 rider-mounted floor cleaning machines, which are used for professional cleaning in a shorter time with a single personnel in institutions such as shopping centers, schools, stores, factories, markets, hospitals, have become the choice of cleaning companies and personnel thanks to their easy use that does not require mastery.

B 12001 Ride-on floor scrubber have a capacity of 120 lt clean and 130 lt dirty water tanks. With its ergonomic design and high mobility, it can be used not only in large areas, but also in schools, hospitals, etc. It can be used easily in narrow areas such as corridors of areas and between aisles in markets.

The ride-on floor washing machine, which takes its energy from its batteries, can operate for an average of 2 to 2.5 hours with a single filling. B12001 floor washing machine with rider, which can reach an average speed of 5 km per hour, can clean an area of ​​up to 5000 m² in this time.

Detergent water is optionally put into the clean water tank of the floor cleaning machine. The water suction apparatus at the back is lowered to the ground. The machine is brought into operation by pressing the floor cleaning machine control buttons, the water valve of the floor cleaning machine is opened and the water in the clean water reservoir is released from the middle of the brush to the floor.
B 12001 Floor cleaning machine cleans large areas in one pass with its 2 brushes of 420 mm width, while vacuuming the water on the floor with the 1000 mm wide water suction apparatus on the back, it traps the dirty water in the water tank.

With the help of specially produced rubbers for floor cleaning machines to work with high suction performance on all kinds of floors, fast, easy and professional cleaning is provided without leaving water and traces on the floor.

After the cleaning process is finished, the water valve of the floor washing machine is closed, the brushes are lifted up so that they are not bent by constantly pressing the floor, and the contact of the brush with the ground is cut off and the water drawing apparatus is lifted up and the floor washing machine is stopped with the ignition switch.

B 12001 Ride-on Floor Scrubber are much more economical than their competitors, with an average of 200% when compared to their European origin products, both the floor machine prices, the prices of spare parts used and the availability of parts. Due to its widespread service network and domestic production, B 12001 ride-on floor scrubbers are demanded not only from within the country but also from many countries abroad.