High Pressure Wash Machine

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High pressure wash machine is a highly efficient professional machine with Ceramic Piston and direct coupled, domestic origin pump, specially designed, practical and space-saving casing. The pressure hose R2 5/16 used is of a durable and durable material that can withstand 400 bar. It is used in factory cleaning, especially in car washes, and in many areas.

It works silently and without vibration. There is a By-Pass unit that prevents the pump motor group from overloading. Accordingly, you can use our machine for many years without any problems.

Cleanvac HP-200 200 bar pressure car wash machines are used in many areas today, especially in the car wash sector, covering a large area.  High pressure wash machine, long-lasting machine can be used in special production in the desired bar. Pressure car washes are machines that you can use in all areas of your life and that will make your work easier and provide full professional service.

With our availability of immediately accessible spare parts, we deliver our machines with 2 years guarantee, which you will use for years without any problems, at economical prices.