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The developing and diversifying service sector has brought with it the definition of industrial service and companies. There has been an incredible increase in the number of carpet and sofa washing companies. Since this increase gave rise to the right of choice by the citizens of the country, the ones that made the most progress and that had a different style from the other businesses inevitably won. Since people cannot easily give up their habits, the one who won the customer did not easily lose it. As investment opportunities begin to emerge in businesses that show the same respect and sensitivity to all of them, without separating small business into big business, they have started to explore how they can perform their services faster. Since they knew that some carpets and upholstery needed to be washed in place, they did not deviate from their goal of serving more addresses in one day. Even though they can go to several addresses at the same time with the high number of employees, in case any of their equipment malfunctions, they started to make losses as their daily turnover dropped significantly. In order to prevent this situation and to visit more than one address with a single team during the day, they started to follow the technology developments. So they started to update and renew themselves. This change took them a few clicks further than other companies. Those who used to do the carpet washing process by brushing realized that they avoided all the problems when they met the machines with carpet and sofa washing apparatus. In a service where most of the water supplied is reabsorbed without the necessity of brushing, a shorter drying time would also please the customers. They also performed better than brushing several washes in a row. This opened their horizons. In case of a breakdown for any reason, the companies that serve at different addresses with 2 teams at the same time, only lost 1 hour and completed their services as promised. Now they had solutions. They brought the machine whose work was finished at the other address to the address and completed the rest. They provided their services by taking advantage of the beauties brought by mechanization.

Do you want to set up a new carpet & upholstery cleaning business? Do you do auto detailing business? Are you searching for non-household carpet and sofa washing machines in hotel and accommodation services, where you can do your on-site bed, chair, carpet and sofa washing job within minutes? Your carpet and upholstery washing facility machines are ok, but do you want to provide upholstery washing, chair washing, roller blinds washing, bed washing services from the houses where you collect carpets? Let's examine the technologies step by step together. This article is for you, whether you are in the service industry, which is an alternative sector to hotel management, called the flueless industry, or if you are just starting out. Among the industrial cleaning machines, carpet and seat washing machines have always existed in the industry from past to present and increased its importance during the Covid-19 epidemic period. As Karteknik Makina, which is the main distributor and after-sales service organization of Cleanvac cleaning machines in Turkey, it has personally experienced the technological development and outstanding competitive conditions of Cleanvac carpet upholstery washing machines and alternative brands that we represent for 22 years.

In carpet sofa washing machines, the basic working principle is to spray the cleaning liquid on the surface to be cleaned and suck it back. Different types of water engine can be used for spraying. The selection criteria in these engines are made with optimum choices regarding the targeted performance and design of the machine. Ulka water engine or centrifugal asynchronous water motors are mainly used water motors. In another article, we will examine the technical differences of these engines and examine the importance of the water engine in the selection of carpet seat washing machine. Cleanvac carpet sofa washing machines mainly serve in the category of industrial carpet upholstery washing. Recently, we will reach the industrial cleaning vision of meticulous housewives and exclude the purchase of industrial cleaning machines from the general. Vacuum motor power and number are also a selection criterion of the carpet seat washing machine. Of course, this issue is important in aqueous system carpet sofa washing machines. In Cleanvac steam carpet seat washing machines, the water is pulverized and given to the surface in a very small amount, the need for vacuum decreases to achieve the target work. Among the industrial type upholstery washing machines, the number of vacuum motors is also effective in the performance of the product in the machines that perform water system washing. As a result, on-site carpet seat washing Isn't the purpose of the process of reabsorption of the given water? Then the stronger it is, the stronger the water supplied and the shorter it will be absorbed.

In carpet sofa washing machines, vacuum engine type and power, number of vacuum motors are important determinants. In Cleanvac carpet ssofa washing machines, powerful vacuum engine with double fans that can wet dry suction are used. A vacuum motor with double fans, capable of wet-dry suction and two water engine with ulka character are used in the Cleanvac Ewd 501 carpet sofa washer. Cleanvac Ewd 602 carpet upholstery washing machine is designed with 2 double fan, powerful vacuum engine capable of wet and dry suction, and two water motors with high character. The 60 liter dirty water boiler has a dirty water discharge system. Cleanvac has a rightful place among industrial seat washing machines and has many users. Cleanvac Ewd 753 model carpet upholstery washing machine is a model brought by the Cleanvac brand to our country and the industry. It has a powerful suction motor with three double fans that can perform wet and dry suction. The water engine, on the other hand, is the first and only centrifugal water spray engine with asynchronous character in carpet washing machines. The Ewd series of Cleanvac carpet sofa washing machines, which have made the largest investment in the production of carpet upholstery washing machines, can also be used as an industrial type vacuum cleaner. For this reason, they are also known as cleanvac sweeper carpet sofa washing machine.

While the most preferred model of Cleanvac, professional carpet upholstery washing machines in Turkey, is the ewd series, the steam washing and vacuum machine series, which are also called steam-vacuum carpet sofa washing machines, are more preferred in the world. Cleanvac C90 or Isw series products do not have a sweeping feature. These machines are one of the more professional machine groups compared to the Cleanvac Ewd series, as they are produced only to supply water and meet the need for reabsorption. In cleaning machinery engineering, the more job descriptions that are very different from each other, the more the efficiency of each feature of the machine decreases. These different job descriptions are definitions such as washing-sweeping. While there is no need for an industrial dust filter for the washing process, the suction air needs to be filtered to protect the double fan vacuum motors with high suction power in dust sweeping.

Industrial life has brought the need for nutritional habits and hygienic living spaces. Since it is not possible for everyone to be fed directly from the field, both the immune system will be supported and life will be made healthy and livable by offering hygienic living spaces to the immune system.

The Covid-19 virus, which emerged in China in the last months of 2019, gave people of our age the experience of a global pandemic. Everyone living in the world has to adapt to the hygiene and hygiene conditions completely and inevitably. Cleanvac cleaning machines brought steam technology to our country many years ago, fully completed engineering studies on the reabsorption of water given in on-site carpet, sofa bed washing and all other items that need disinfection, and presented it to the use of the world. It is very important to rinse with clean water after washing with detergent. How to wash the sofa? The first thing that comes to mind in the question is giving back water. The detergent in the given water must also be purified so that the detergent compound does not weaken by sticking to the textile. If the supplied water cannot be reabsorbed, the dirt hidden in the sofa, bed, chair, carpet textile will vomit again. The situation we refer to as vomiting is that the dirt that is pushed under the textile flooring with water spreads again with the water and becomes more evident on the surface than before. Steam carpet seat washing has many advantages. Steam, that is, pulverized form of a large amount of water, is the state of increasing its temperature by separating it into very small particles. Without wetting the surface to be washed deeply, surface moistening prevents the water and therefore dirty water from going deep. The washed sofa, bed, carpet or chair is dried by absorbing the already low water in a short time with strong suction. While saving labor and time, it offers more hygienic living spaces than wet washing. The cleaning power of the steam also results in the destruction of bacterial habitats in areas where bacteria are concentrated, and therefore on your sofas, beds and carpets.

In professional carpet sofa washing machines, where correct information and correct shopping are important, water pumps are used to spray water on the surface to be cleaned. The most widely used type of water engine is the ulka water engine. Ulka water pumps are used in types with 48-56 watts and working with 230 volts. They are preferred for professional use at low pressures. These water motors do not take up much space in carpet seat washing machines. It can be easily used and used in all kinds of designs. It is used in Cleanvac ewd 501 and Cleanvac Ewd 602 models of Cleanvac carpet seat washing machines. Two ulka water motors are used in order to increase the flow rate (the amount of water delivered per minute). Usage sensitivities are also available in these pumps as in every electric motor. The passing water is also used for self-cooling of the water engine. As with any water engine, if it runs for a long time without water, the engine may burn out. If the used carpet stays in the seat washing shampoo, it will dry and prevent the engine from starting again. Dried detergent does not allow the first take off. This difficulty is frequently encountered as a "not giving water" fault among carpet sofa washing machine faults. Correct use is to ensure that the engine will not be run without water. After washing with detergent, clean water will be passed through the pump and not allow detergent residue in it.

Cleanvac professional carpet upholstery washing machines offer model options for carpet and sofa washing companies that work intensively and serve by different users, while maintaining the principle of offering affordable carpet sofa washing machines, which do not carry these sensitivities and use water motors compatible with heavy conditions. We offer centrifugal water pumps, which are produced using asynchronous water motors, as an option to our valuable users in many of our models. These water motors are used in our Cleanvac ewd 753 and Sw, Isw, Isw-s product lines. The motor is a higher segment more professional water motor than ulka water motors with its 500 Watt 230 V technical values. With waterless operation, the engine does not malfunction, and it is not affected by detergent water residue in the system. It also does not cause a large price increase. Only due to increased technical values ​​does the weight increase. There are models on the market with specially designed water engines for each purpose and technique. All you have to do is tell us what you will use it for. With our technical knowledge and experience, we will provide you with the ideal machine for correct use and superior results.