Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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The difference of the industrial vacuum cleaner from other vacuums is its features such as a more powerful engine and a larger boiler capacity. It is classified according to engine power, air flow and boiler capacity. It is very important to choose the right vacuum cleaner according to your usage needs. A vacuum cleaner that is not chosen correctly can not provide you with sufficient performance and will also waste effort and time. You can call our representatives at +905072156682 to get information about high performance industrial vacuum cleaners and their prices.


There are two types of vacuum cleaners with coal motor and asynchronous motor, coal motors are generally used for cleaning schools, halls and small-scale enterprises. Industrial vacuum cleaners with asynchronous motors are preferred with their long working performance. Industrial vacuum cleaners with 24-hour working performance can be produced with a structure that can absorb even special dusts. The usage areas of vacuum cleaners that we produce with the desired power and features are quite numerous.


– Since the vacuum machine is industrial type, it is a machine suitable for long-term use.
– The stainless steel boiler has a solid structure and is long-lasting.
– The original asynchronous motor, designed for multi-processing from dust and water cleaning (wet-dry cleaning), provides a powerful and unique suction power.
– All of the vacuum hose and accessories are made of high quality material for a long-lasting use.
– The interior designs of the accessories offer the possibility of a wide variety of heads that can be easily changed and arranged according to the different needs of the person using the vacuum.
– Stylish looking machine; It can be used comfortably in hotels, restaurants, workplaces, car washes, schools, mosques, factories and warehouses.