Carpet centrifuges are machines with wheels or shock absorber feet and chrome drums. One of the most crucial points of the carpet cleaning process is the carpet wringing process. With this machine, the washed carpets are dried as soon as possible.
Carpet centrifuges squeeze the washed carpets perfectly, allow rinsing during wringing and reach the humidity closest to drying. The machines, which are specially produced according to the size of the carpets you will spin, minimize the spinning time.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Machine?
Recommended machine speed should be at least 1200 and above. Thus, it may be possible to reduce humidity up to 95%. The thickness of the drum should be 3 mm and chrome. Thus, healthy wringing takes place without tiring the machine.
In the selection of the machine, the dimensions vary according to the carpet sizes that the people of the region generally use.

The engines, which are considered the heart of the machine, are produced to serve for many years. Every detail from its transmission to its belt is precisely controlled and used by our production engineers. Another important part of the machine, the drum, is designed to be used for long years without rusting, using real chrome.

Cover grip system:
• Carpet centrifuge works silently and without vibration.
• Tubular type machine does not cause any damage to the carpet due to the way of squeezing the carpet.
• 98% dryness is provided in the carpets wring out with this machine.
• The machine has a carpet rinsing machine feature.
• It helps to achieve perfect fringe cleaning by preventing water from flowing through the eaves during drying.
• Time and labor efficiency increases
• No detergent residues
• Carpets do not have problems such as deformation or breakage.
• Since the carpets do not remain damp for a long time, there will be no bad odor on the carpets.

• Carpet centrifuge must be installed on a flat surface, leveled. While installing your device, check whether the power and voltage are suitable for your network.

• After the electrical connection is made according to the regulations, the carpet should be placed in the drum with both ends equal and in the direction of rotation. Otherwise, the machine may jump due to the balance and harm itself, people and the environment.
• After the carpet is placed in this way, the machine is activated with the help of the on-off button. After 5-6 minutes of operation, it is stopped. When the drum stops completely rotating, the cover is opened and the carpet is taken out and left to air for a while.

Automatic Carpet Duster HTM


Automatic carpet duster allow detergent and water to penetrate deeper by removing dust, dead skin, organism, hair and food particles from the carpet pile before washing, in order to provide deep cleaning after washing on the carpets brought to the carpet washing facilities. Thus, more dirt is collected on the carpet surface. With the squeegee application, the dirt is collected from the surface and thrown out. After the carpet squeezing and drying process, the carpet pile accumulated on the carpet surface is cleaned and the process is terminated. Automatic carpet duster ensures that the dirt and dust of the carpet supplied to the machine with the beater roller (by hitting it on the back) rise towards the surface and, if possible, separate it from the carpet. With a suction capacity of 4000 liters per minute, the dirt that escapes from the carpet is collected in the chamber. The dust bag has a capacity of 80 liters. The machine weight of 450 kg provides strength by eliminating the friction that the engine power will create on the machine. The total power of the carpet dust removing machine is 5.5 kW. Automatic carpet duster can be produced to take dust from carpets in 4.20 meters, 3.20 meters and 2.70 meters according to the need. To have more information about carpet dusting machine features and prices, please call +905072156682 export support.

In general, carpet dust removers are a pre-process cleaning machine that allows the solidified dirt on the carpet to be removed from the carpet before entering the automatic carpet washing machines and washed more cleanly. With one person, 300 meters of carpet can be processed per hour. The energy consumption is 9 kW per 500 meters of carpet per hour.

Due to occupational safety measures, our machines can only work efficiently and with superior protection principle under suitable conditions. The fact that the electrical installation of your business is arranged in accordance with the occupational safety rules means that your machine will have a long lasting and most importantly, the lives of your employees will be safe. In enterprises where all other machines, especially automatic carpet duster, are used, the grounding line and leakage current relays should be checked regularly and their health should be protected.

If possible, we highly recommend using automatic carpet duster in a closed and insulated environment with a ventilation system in a part of your business. This will prevent the dust from the carpets from sticking to the washed carpets and will ensure that your business achieves real cleanliness and that it is permanent.

Automatic carpet duster will have wearing parts like other machines. In this case, the situation should be checked periodically. Replacing old or worn parts will prevent the failure of the healthy parts of the machines and will prevent the chain of failures.