Cleanvac ST 2500 road sweeper, which is one of the first compact road sweepers produced in Turkey in cooperation with TUBITAK, has remarkable features with its considerably lower investment costs compared to imported brand vehicles.

With the pressurized water spray feature integrated into its structure, it prevents dusting by spraying water before or after cleaning the roads and streets, while providing long-term cleaning without removing dust, it does not disturb. Road cleaning machines, which are preferred by factories with large facilities to the science directorates of municipalities, can easily sweep all areas, including narrow streets and walkways, and can be housed in a garbage collection chamber with its vacuum feature.

You can easily manage a process that does not need continuous unloading with its 2,5 M3 garbage collection area. With its high vacuum power, it can easily lift large and small garbage from the ground to stones that should not be there. Since the needs of each city and area are different from each other, our cleanvac st2500 road sweeper will be equipped with advanced technology and technical choices that provide high performance.

Our street, street and road sweeping machines, which are produced in Turkey with domestic facilities, can be produced in various sizes and capacities and can start service. The success of Turkish engineers, the Cleanvac ST 2500 Road Sweeper has been instrumental in making spare parts cheap and easily accessible, as a domestically produced vehicle that has the potential to serve you for many years by delivering more than your needs.

Golf Cart


Golf carts are produced in different models such as stretcher, load-bearing and personnel-carrying. We also make special production according to the purpose of use. We produce golf carts that carry cargo and passengers, such as crates, tarpaulins, closed boxes, and doors. Our golf cars, which are produced as battery powered, gasoline or diesel, vary according to their engine power, capacity, fuel type and mode of transportation. The biggest advantage over its similar competitors is that it can climb 45% slope.

In particular, as a manufacturer, we fulfill different demands by doing our part. We have succeeded in minimizing the increasing costs in the material and load transportation works of many factories with our closed box models and the waste material transport vehicle in hospitals with a load carrying capacity of 500 – 700 kg and 1 ton. In addition to our standard productions, our golf cart models, which have the capacity to carry 15 – 20 – 30 – 60 personnel, as well as vehicles with 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 people, are specially designed for individuals and companies, apart from many companies, with personnel transportation in hotels, shuttles and ferries. We also provide production services.


One of the indispensable cleaning machines of professional cleaning  services, the steam carpet and sofa washing machine C90 model is easy to carry with its compact design. With its small and light size, it can be easily kept at home and in workplaces. Steam temperature of 170 degrees prevents bacteria and viruses from remaining on the surface, and clean them with steam. It is one of the most effective and chemical-free methods of a healthy cleaning. C90 steam cleaning machine can perform wet-dry washing by giving steam and cold-hot water at the same time.

With the help of vacuum, it absorbs the moisture created by the water and steam on the surface 80% more than washing with normal methods. Vacuum cleaning feature, on the other hand, offers a type of use that makes things easier. In addition to vacuuming, you can perform steam-effect vacuuming and hygienic mopping with your machine. The steam cleaning system is much more successful and much more economical than all known methods in combating allergens (house dust mites) thanks to its high temperature ionized dry steam. There is a carpet apparatus for cleaning the carpet and for steam to reach between the piles. This feature means bacterial cleaning with steam, apart from the brush and shampoo used during the standard carpet washing process. The destruction of bacteria ensures that your carpet will not be dirty later and your health will stay in place.

If it is used for cleaning your sofas, you can use the sofa cleaning apparatus. With the glass part in the chrome sofa cleaning apparatus, you can see the dirt carried by the cold-hot or steam created moisture that you apply to your seat and experience the feeling of cleaning in depth. During surface cleaning, you can use the standard apparatus in accordance with the floor, dehumidify by using a fiber cloth for drying, or use it with a pad to complete the drying in one go after steam.


⦁ Cleaning with 170 degrees steam, disinfecting.

⦁ With its high suction power, the washed surfaces dry in a short time.

⦁ With the steam wash, only the surface gets wet, the deep remains dry


With the completion of the Cleanvac BS series, the battery-powered series of our wide area sweepers has formed a versatile, environmentally friendly sweeper group adapted to serve under heavy conditions in Turkey and around the world.

With our Cleanvac BS models, it offers professional solutions for cleaning areas up to 4000-15000 m². battery powered cleanvac wide area sweepers models, with a continuous working capacity of up to 3-4 hours on a single charge, depending on the slope conditions of the ground, new generation electric wide area sweepers. Wide floor vacuum . All kinds of soil, fine gravel, leaves, sand, lime, carbon wastes, and very fine metal wastes can be successfully cleaned from the environment in all indoor and outdoor living and production areas.

The pulverized irrigation system, which can be optionally added to the model, prevents the working environment from getting dusty during sweeping, in areas with very fine dust that may cause environmental disturbance. Daily life can continue to flow while sweeping with the pulverized irrigation system, while cleaning the wide area with suitable budgets for the need for street sweepers in hotels, parks, sites, farms, factories, city center, municipal streets and streets. Irrigation is done in the form of fogging, only humidification is provided without muddying around. This Feature can be activated when requested. It can be disabled if desired. Disinfectant can also be placed in the fogging water tank. In this way, not only a visible floor and surroundings can be cleaned, but also long-term hygiene can be provided by environmental spraying. Not only for viruses and bacteria, but also for insect and vermin spraying in environmental areas. In addition, indexicide and herbicide drugs are used in the pulverized irrigation system in weed spraying.

Particles pushed in front of the side brushes and middle brushes with special bristles are conveyed to the garbage tank by the rotational movement of the middle brushes. With its long-lasting brush bristles, its cost-free usage life is long. With the vacuuming in the garbage tank, the fine dust in the vacuumed waste is filtered through special filters and dust-free air is thrown out.

Carpet Washing Machines

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Carpet cleaning is done in two ways: on-site carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning in carpet washing facilities. Carpet washing machines develop and become widespread in parallel with these groups. Carpet washing machines used for on-site carpet washing can be selected from machines that are suitable for relatively light transportation. Criteria such as water, carpet washing detergent selection and usage rate, and vacuum selection have also gained importance in on-site carpet washing. Carpet washing machines are the most widely used group of cleaning machines for commercial purposes. Carpet washing machine prices can be determined by the selection to be made according to the operating capacity. Today, it is possible to choose between 50 USD and 5000 USD, and expand this range up to 15.000 USD.

Floor Scrubber

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Cleaning and polishing the floor is a separate process. Floor cleaning and polishing machines are used for this job. Let’s just examine the cleaning machines included in the cleaning machines. Floor cleaning machines divided in:
Vacuum floor cleaning machines
2- It is divided into two as floor cleaning machines without vacuum. The working principle of vacuum cleaning machines is scrubbing, giving water to the rubbed place and vacuuming this water. There is a brushing apparatus in floor cleaning machines according to the type of floor. In this group of cleaning machines, brush and pad holder are used, as well as glit pads according to the floor type. Pad selection is chosen according to the hardness of the floor. The hardness range of these pads, also called felt, is wide. Floor cleaning machines are also named floor scrubbers. There are also battery powered and electric models. Acu floor scrubbers are also called charged floor scrubbers. This group of cleaning machines works with 24 and their sound decibels are 70% lower than electric floor washing machines. It has a working capacity of three to four hours. It is used successfully in areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, schools, governorships, municipal buildings. Electric floor washing machines can be carried for a long time without interruption. It works with 220 volt mains voltage. Another distinctive feature that distinguishes floor cleaning machines from each other is the tank capacity. Their capacity starts from 25 liters, except for narrow washing machines. This capacity can go up to 90 liters in electrical machines. Dedusting becomes more and more important in enterprises as it affects the life of the computer equipped counter. Floor washing is the most important application in achieving this goal.