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In the purchasing process, which starts with the right product selection, as Karteknik Makina, we serve you in the categories of Cleanvac cleaning machines, electric - battery powered golf cars, ulv devices. Our main product groups are industrial sweepers, electrically charged two-person, four-person, six-person, eight-person golf cars, electric buses for 12 and 15 people (shuttle), all kinds of floor, dust and cleaning needs. eden Cleanvac Cleaning Machines, carpet washing machines, carpet wringing machines, carpet dusting machines, fluff picking and packaging machines, auto wash, auto cleaners, compressors, octopus dryers (hot air manufacturers ), steam car wash machines, auto foam tanks electric (battery powered) London Bus vehicles, battery powered fire trucks for educational purposes, battery powered ambulances, battery powered police vehicles, ULV disinfection machines disinfection tunnels, disinfection cabinets, battery powered floor washing machines, electric floor washing machines, Hybrid and diesel street sweeping vehicles from 0.5 m3 to 6 m3, battery powered Clea There are nvac garbage taxis, fil-type garbage collection vehicles, combimats that can perform both washing and sweeping in ground cleaning, and sweepers. You can find the Cleanvac cleaning machines that your business needs at the most affordable prices by getting information from our sales representatives, and you can use them easily with Karteknik assurance.