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Full automatic carpet wash machines are used in industrial areas and have the feature of washing carpets with high pressure and correct chemical release with their large brushes. You can evaluate the most suitable options for your business and capacity from this category, which includes full automatic carpet wash machines and their features. All products on this page can be offered to you with various customizations.
Models are produced with options suitable for the needs such as the number of brushes to be used in the machine and the length. Full automatic carpet wash machines, which are completely domestically produced with years of experience and knowledge in our own factory, are at your service with our wide service network with a 2-year warranty and 10-year parts availability guarantee.
Full automatic carpet wash machines are with a width of 2,60 meters or 3,20 meters and a length of 5 - 7 meters and offer the opportunity to wash 3 carpets at the same time thanks to the size of the washing area. The washing time is approximately 15 minutes, depending on the program you have installed on the computer. It consumes 6 KW – 10 KW electricity per hour.
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The carpet to be washed is placed on the platform of the machine. After the carpet is laid on the platform, the start button is pressed by entering how long the carpet will be washed with detergent, how many minutes it will brush, how much rinsing will be made, from the control panel of the machine, and wait until the machine finishes the carpet washing job.

Full automatic carpet wash machine does the job of approximately three personnel, with the carpet washing system with brushes it contains.
• Full automatic carpet wash machines have detergent and water spray system is automatic, so it is very economical, your carpet washing cost comes at a very affordable price.
• Since the brushing system is automatically controlled, it does not skip and ensures that every part of the carpet is brushed equally.
• With the special buttons on the control panel, the carpet provides deep cleaning by allowing more operation when it comes to stubborn stains that do not come out of the carpet during washing.

Full automatic carpet wash machines are computer-controlled, programmable full automatic carpet washing machine. Our machine is the latest technology product in carpet washing, developed in cooperation with Tübitak. For being programmable with a computer, it can wash 6 m2 carpet at a competitive cost of approximately 50 Ykr by using detergent, water and electricity in the most efficient way.
The washing process starts by placing the carpet or carpets on the carpet washing platform of the employee and pressing the start button of the machine. On average, the process ends in 4-5 minutes. The personnel in the carpet cleaning can also perform other operations during the washing process.

Full automatic carpet wash machines consume an average of 6.9 kW of electricity per hour. During this period, it can wash 100 m2 carpet.

The average water consumption of the machine varies between 300 - 500 liters. You can choose an existing program in the machine for detergent and water consumption, or you can make this program according to the amount you want to use yourself. Your preferences are memorized and the amount of water and detergent you want is consumed. 3 or 4 brushes exert an effective pressure on the carpet, moving both transversely and longitudinally at the same time, rotating at 170 (times) per minute in every 3 brushes, effectively rubbing the carpets crosswise and longitudinally. Likewise, on the return, this scrubbing process continues in the opposite direction, ensuring that it is brushed from all directions. It has the feature of repeating these operations thousands of times without interrupting the order.

Heavy dirt that will not be removed with a single brushing can be easily cleaned with the effect of chemicals and water in the third or more brushing.

Full automatic carpet wash machines drag lint, fluff and hair that are not completely removed by brushing away from the carpet.