Cleanvac carpet centrifuges are an indispensable assistant of industrial carpet washing  businesses. For this reason, there may be differences in the features and dimensions of carpet wringing machines. In our Cleanvac RL1400 T 3.20 model, which is only one of the types of carpet drying machines with shock absorbers, the motor power reaching 1400 cycle per minute and the roll speed reaching 1200 cycle per minute together with it ensure that the washed carpets are wringed out of moisture up to 98%. With its 5.5 kW / 7.5 hpengine power, it can offer exactly what you want. With its weight of 580 kg, the vibration caused by the engine power is absorbed and the carpet centrifuge  is prevented from moving. With carpet centrifuge, carpets up to 320 cm can be easily squeezed. With its 380 V voltage value, it is suitable for use anywhere that uses an industrial electrical network. It can be easily transported with wheels. hourly squeezing capacity is 100m2. Carpet spinning machine has dimensions of 110x3660x125 cm. You can press clean water through the hose from the water tap on the front of the cover.

What should be considered when buying a carpet centrifuge?

Recommended carpet centrifuge speed should be at least 1200 rpm and above. Thus, carpet spinning machine may be possible to reduce humidity up to 95%. The thickness of the drum should be 3 mm and chrome. Thus, healthy squeezing takes place without tiring the machine.

In the selection of the carpet drying machine, the dimensions vary according to the carpet sizes that the people of the region generally use.

Which is the best carpet centrifuge?

Developing technology, increasing needs, growing sectors, and customer groups that always want improvement encourage manufacturers and investors to renew every day. Questions are also increasing in the carpet centrifuge, the shining star of the service sector. First question, which is the best carpet centrifuge?

The answer to this question should of course be answered according to the priorities of the person asking the question.

Which is the best carpet wringing machine in terms of technical values, how much is the best carpet spinning machine price?

In terms of cost priority, the answer to the question of which is the best carpet spinning machine will be different.

Economists define the best as maximum performance, minimum cost and long life.


The engines, which are considered the heart of the machine, are produced to serve for many years. Every detail from its transmission to its belt is precisely controlled and used by our production engineers.

Another important part of the machine, the drum, is designed to be used for long years without rusting, using real chrome.


Hemen Ara