Ride-on Floor Scrubbers

Ride-on Floor Scrubbers

These machines, which are needed almost everywhere with a wide floor, save time, water, detergent and manpower. Our products, which differ from their models in terms of power and features, are evaluated in more than one category, including ride-on, battery and electrical. It is a floor washing machine, also known as a cleaning car. You can get information from the customer information line on 0 (232) 433 55 65 to choose the most suitable machine for floor washing, floor washing.


* Electrical parts of your machine, brush motors, vacuum motors and electrical installations are 220-240 volts. (It is 24 volts in battery models.)
* Do not use the brush (water set) without water.
* Periodically clean the clean water tank and the filters in the dirty water tank carefully and absolutely.
* When the dirty water tank is full, do not neglect to empty it from the water discharge hose.
* The dirty water tank must be emptied before it reaches the filter in the filling level. Otherwise, it will cause serious malfunctions.
* You should use detergents and chemicals that do not foam.
* Perform the on / off operation with the brush motor on the floor. Otherwise, the brush will come off.
* Do not leave the plug plugged in in case of any malfunction or during maintenance. Pay attention in this regard. (In battery models, remove the battery terminals.)
* Clean the machine when you are done. Do not leave water in the water tank.
* Do not attract chemicals harmful to human and animal health with the machine.
* Do not unload the floor washing machine before its charge is full.
* Do not plug in your machine before it runs out of charge.
* Use the machine when it is full. (In battery models)


Take the brush (diameter 43 cm) provided with the machine in your hand. You lifted the front of the machine by pressing down on the handle with another person with both hands. Bring the brush in your hand to the bed in front of the engine.
Ensure that the brush is attached by bringing it parallel to the gaps on the brush and turning the brush to the left. Then lower the front of the machine to the ground.
Open the lid of the blue clean water tank and add enough water and detergent. As detergent, you should definitely choose detergents and shampoos that do not foam.
Fill your machine before starting to work. With your right foot, press the lower right pedal behind the machine and push it to the right. The pedal will lift up.
In this way, let the brush drop down (touch the ground). Open the water valve located at the lower left behind the machine according to the dirt and floor type of the ground.
Start the brush by pressing the brush motor button on the top of the machine (on the panel) and take the machine to the place where you will wash it.

Wash in this way.
When you want to perform both washing and vacuuming, pull down the apparatus lifting arm located in the middle of the back of the machine and let the apparatus go down and press the vacuum motor button.
In this way, while washing, vacuuming is performed at the same time.
When the cleaning is finished, turn off the water valve and absorb the remaining water on the floor. Then turn off the vacuum motor switch (red button).
When the brush is in the down position (on the ground), turn off the brush motor switch (green button) by pressing down the brush lift pedal with your left foot and keep the brush in the up position (air).
Then park the machine in a place that will not be damaged or damaged.


* Set the vacuum and brush motor start switch to the 0 (zero) position.
* Unplug the machine from the socket.
* Take up the suction nozzle by means of the lowering / lifting arm.
* After emptying dirty and clean water tanks, wash them with clean water.
* Lift up the suction nozzle.
* After use, keep the machine in a clean and dry place.

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