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With Cleanvac, one of the leading brands in the industrial cleaning machinery sector of my beautiful Turkey, which is taking firm steps towards industrialization, we bring permanent solutions to our problems with domestic engineering. Karteknik Makina provides you, our valued customers, to have valuable products with the right consultancy. Imported cleaning machines of foreign origin may be expensive if they are of European or American origin, and cheaper if they are of Far East origin. However, in any case, the problem of not being able to find either expensive spare parts or worse spare parts after the sale arises. Karteknik, which has been offering Cleanvac industrial cleaning machines to its customers with a phone number that has not changed for 22 years, offers you the right product with the right information. Our developing industry provides better services with our developing industrial type cleaning machines. It is our factory that produces in this country, with affordable prices, convenient payment terms, guaranteed by a ten-year spare part warranty. You can obtain all industrial type cleaning machines such as industrial carpet seat washing machines, steam seat washing machines, Cleanvac mosque vacuum cleaners, Cleanvac high pressure car washing machines from our company. Let's determine the product you need together with Cleanvac snati type cleaning machines, which is a brand of domestic production industrial cleaning machines.

''Sanayi Tipi Süpürge Tercihinde'' Türkiye Piyasasında genellikle 3 motorlu 220 Volt 50 Hz.
Çelik Kazanlı Sanayi Tipi Süpürge tercih edilir.
Endüstriyel alanlarda kullanılan Süpürgeler Sanayi diye adlandırılır.
Sanayi Tipi Süpürgemizin 3 adet ayrı ayrı çalışan elektrik motorları çift fanlı özelliğe sahiptir bu çift fan sayesinde süpürge motoru daha fazla soğutma yapar.
Elektrik Motorları 1000 watt ile 1600 watt arasındadır.
Uzun süreli ve sorunsuzca çalışmalara uygundur.
Hortum çapı Ev Tipi Süpürgeye nazaran daha geniştir. (Genellikle 38’lik Hortum kullanılır)
Sorunsuzdur, Ev tipi süpürgelere nazaran daha uzun süreli ve sorunsuzca çalışır
220 volt 50 Hz monofaze elektrikle çalışır
Islak ve Kuru özelliklere sahiptir.

Household Vacuum Cleaner has lower suction power than industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

Hose diameter is smaller in Household Vacuum Cleaners.

Vacuum motors of vacuum cleaners have a single fan, whereas vacuum motors of industrial vacuums have double fans.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners generally have both wet vacuuming and dry vacuuming. Wet feature; You can vacuum the water on the floor into the boiler, you can draw the water on the seat with a special apparatus. However, when you will use the wet feature, you should remove the cloth bag inside so that it does not get wet. It happened that you forgot to remove the cloth bag inside while shooting wet. Don't worry right away, take it out and dry it and put it back when you shoot dry.

Dry vacuuming; It is used to attract dust or small particles. In dry vacuuming, you should definitely place the Cloth Bag in the Boiler. It is the most popular model of the market with its fast and effective cleaning feature. It has a wide range of uses; It can attract many dry materials such as wood chips, cardboard pieces, dust, small stones, post-construction wastes, leaves and sands to the steel boiler with its vacuuming power. A paper bag can also be used, if desired, based on the Cloth Bag. When the paper bag is used, the dust is collected inside the paper bag. Wet extraction can vacuum the water on the floor or draw the water from the washed sofa or carpet. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners generally have Wet/Dry operation logic. When we are going to do wet vacuuming, we have to remove the cloth bag from the boiler. When we draw dust, we need to attach the cloth bag to the boiler. Instead of removing and pouring the complete boiler after wet drawing, the liquid discharge hose located on the side of the steel boiler provides great convenience to the user. Compared to Household Vacuum Cleaners, the Hose Diameter is Wider (called a 38' Hose), allowing it to vacuum larger items.

Our CLEANVAC WD753 Model is a 60 liter steel boiler and high suction electric motor with 3 double fans and has wet and dry features.

It is our most preferred and best-selling model, and it is a quality and useful Industrial Type Vacuum Cleaner that works for many years without any problems.

The most important thing to pay attention to in wet shooting is that the chemical substance is non-foaming, that is, MATIC.

Since the foam will be too much in non-matic chemicals, the foam that goes up to the top of the boiler can burn the engines. The machine has a float feature to prevent rising water, but the electric motors for the foam cannot protect itself and may burn. If there is foamy chemical on the floor and you want to vacuum it; If you put a small amount of softener into the tub of the vacuum cleaner, the foam you have drawn will not form foam in the tub. The softener you put in the boiler gives the "Foam Cutter" feature. Accessories; Intermediate cleaning apparatus, brush apparatus for cleaning curtains and in-car heater cores, wet vacuuming apparatus to remove water from the floor, carpet apparatus for cleaning carpets and two metal pipes, those who prefer our Industrial Vacuum Cleaner model the most; Cleaning companies, Factories, Schools, Car Wash Services, Mosques, Auto Services, Washing Lubrication Services, Textile Factory and Workshops, Wedding Halls, Entertainment Venues, Cafes, Trades, etc…

In order for the vacuum to be of Industrial Type, it is not necessary that it be 380 Volt, that is, Industrial Current. It is available in Industrial Type Vacuum Cleaners that operate with 220 volt electricity. Our WD753 Model works with 220 volt energy.

If you need to make a comparison, you can use it for a longer time than household vacuum cleaners. Vacuum Motors in Industrial Type Vacuum Cleaners have Double Fans and provide higher suction power compared to single fan and are trouble-free in long-term use. You can get high vacuum power for a long time.

Although the Sofa Washing Machine and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners may seem the same at first glance, they are two very different machines. We recommend you to use WD753 Model for washing upholstery, as sofa washing machines have the feature of spraying clean water. It is very difficult to wash upholstery with the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and the sofa can vomit. As a company, we do not recommend you to wash upholstery with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

You may not get very healthy results in Toner Powder extraction with our 3 Motor Vacuum Cleaner, namely our Industrial Type EWD753 Model. There is a cloth filter inside the vacuum cleaner to protect the motors. Toner dust can easily pass through this cloth filter and burn the engines. Some of our customers, on the other hand, use a paper bag in addition to the machine. They say that even if the paper bag does not prevent 100% electric motors from burning, it still gives good results. The result for us; Toner powder is not suitable for this type of vacuum cleaner.

Let's say we have an industrial vacuum cleaner with a 60 liter boiler and 3 motors, and when we increase this boiler to 80 liters or 100 liters, the vacuuming power decreases to a great extent. The smaller the boiler liter in Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, the higher the vacuuming power. Some of our customers request from us 3 motor vacuum cleaners with a boiler capacity of 100 liters. A 100-liter boiler vacuums less than a 60-liter boiler capacity. Let's open the subject a little more; vacuuming vacuum cleaner motors vacuum the boiler before the hose, that is, the air first deals with vacuuming the boiler and then passes into the vacuum hose. Since the vacuum cleaner does this in a very short time, we are not aware of it.

Industrial Type Vacuum Cleaner is the right choice in apparel shops and garment factories. Large pieces of cloth on the floor in garment shops can have difficulty when vacuuming, because the hose diameter is narrow, and they cannot vacuum, moreover, they have the problem of clogging immediately. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have both high vacuum power and large hose diameter, thus minimizing this problem. Both vacuums have dust chambers; Again, the biggest difference is the 60 liter steel boiler difference.

There is Grounding in Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Models. A chain grounding is also made under the boiler part of the machine. This chain gives the electricity to the ground while the machine is running. The chain should never be removed from the machine.