Cleanvac B 12001 Ride-on Floor Scrubber

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Cleanvac B 12001 Ride-on Floor Scrubber

It does not clean the dirt like a mop by spreading it on the surface. It provides effective cleaning by vacuuming the dirty water on the floor during brushing. The tank capacity, designed for large square meter enterprises, is high. Thanks to its driving motor, it moves on the ground and provides ease of use. It can be used on all floors such as marble, tile stone, granite, epoxy. It does not damage the floor. 130 lt. 4800 m² area is cleaned per hour. The amount of water can be adjusted according to the dirtiness of the ground. It does not require the use of special chemicals in floor cleaning, it is sufficient to use non-foaming surface cleaning chemicals.

Brush Engine: 24 / 400 (Volt / Watt)
Executive Engine: 24/400 (Volt / Watt)
Vacuum Engine: 24/400 (Volt/Watt)
Clean / Dirty Water Tank: 120/120 LT
Brush Piece / Diameter 2/32
Brush Speed : 170 RPM
Cleaning Width : 100 cm
Max Performance: 3800 m2/Hour
Aku Capacity : 24/1200 (V/Ah)
Aku: 4 Adet 6 V 250A

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