Cleanvac ESC 42 Narrow Area Floor Scrubber

Cleanvac ESC 42 Narrow Area Floor Scrubber

It is used as a floor cleaning machine in factories, schools, hospitals, municipalities, indoor sports halls, galleries, shopping malls, shuttles, garages, showrooms, airports, hotels, restaurants, business centers, cleaning companies, public institutions and anywhere that needs hard floors.

  • In first class hard floor cleaning and maintenance; high capacity,
  • Savings of up to 85% in labor, chemicals and water,
  • In one pass, it automatically distributes chemical water on the floor, brushing at the same time and effective cleaning with high vacuum power
  • The possibility of using for 3-4 hours with one charge in the battery models, the varieties that can clean between 1000-3000 m2 per hour,
  • Electric, battery powered, self-propelled and ride-on models,
  • Factories, hospitals, business centers, markets, schools, hotels, etc. developed for large areas.

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Vacuum Engine 220-1200
Engine Power (Hp) 1.5
Brush Diameter (Cm) 35
Clean Water Tank  12
Dirty Water Tank 12
 Vacuum Suction Width 650 mm
Weight 35 kg

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