Steam Cleaning Machines


Cleanvac professional steam sofa and carpet washing machines are carpet washing and upholstery washing machines that will allow you to wash carpets without removing them from your home, office, workplace or areas with carpeted floors such as hotels, halls and mosques. Cleanvac steam professional sofa washing machines, which are used in jobs such as On-site Sofa Washing Machine, On-Site Carpet Washing Machine, and Bed Washing, can be used easily in all areas with their small and durable body structure.

Buharlı Temizleme Makinası C90 Renkli

Steam Cleaning Machine C90 Color It has a dirty water tank in various liters and an outer surface made of rotational plastic, which is resistant to impact and cannot be broken easily. The best choice is the Cleanvac C90 steam carpet and seat washing machine with an exhaust type outlet, serial connection, double fan, designed for water suction, and 1 vacuum engine that absorbs the moisture on the vacuumed surface at very high rates. The C90 steam cleaner model has a total power of 1600 Watts with all its engines and installations. Its total weight is 16 kg. With its easy portability and ergonomic design, it can be carried by a single person when necessary. With its 360-degree rotating wheels, it moves easily in narrow spaces and makes your work easier.

Our professional type on-site carpet and upholstery washing machines offer easy use without qualifications. Thus, there is no need for trained professional staff that can create high costs for you. While working with the Cleanvac C-90 carpet and seat washing machine, you can do your emptying works in a very practical way when the dirty water tank, which can be separated from the machine, is full. Sofa and carpet washing apparatus, which are completely made of chrome, are sent with our machine as standard. You can make your work even easier with these long-lasting and very powerful triggers.

It is a complete price performance product with an economical purchase price. With its superior features and many functions, you will make an economical purchase.

Steam sofa washing machines are in the group of steam cleaning machines that can be used by adding disinfectant, which undertakes the task of cleaning with high temperature and high flow. Steam carpet washing machines have the feature of washing not only with steam, but also with hot and cold water. These machines; chairs, beds, carpets, sofas, armchairs, corner sets, car interior upholstery, roller blinds, etc. It can be used safely in many areas for cleaning purposes. Since steam cleaning machines spray steam at high temperatures, it may cause deformation in plastic derivative items in long-term contact. Our hot and cold water washing machine has a rotating body and can be carried easily. Steam cleaning machines should only be operated with a mixture of water and disinfectant. No detergent or any cleaning chemicals should be added to the clean water tank. This may damage your belongings, as well as cause the parts of the machine to wear out quickly and cause malfunctions in a short time. In our steam machine, steam output is obtained instantaneously at 180 degrees Celsius from the outlet nozzle. The most important benefit of this machine is that it can dissolve and clean the toughest dirt and stains four times faster than normal, spending less time. It also prevents bacteria and viruses from adhering to surfaces for a long time.
It can be used for cleaning purposes (for a short time) on the seats and plastic parts of your vehicles. From this point of view, it is indispensable for car wash companies.

Cleanvac steam carpet sofa cleaning machines shorten the cleaning time in our homes and cars with its powerful steam designed to create more hygienic and safer environments with affordable prices. With its powerful engine, it cleans all day long without getting tired. With the chrome apparatus used in Cleanvac steam machines, you can continue your cleaning without interruption without any problems of melting, bending or breaking with the ease of use on every surface, the temperature of the steam. Combining domestic production with world technology, cleanvac has managed to become one of the leading names in the sector with its 35 years of experience in household and industrial type cleaning machines, and continues its production with new technologies with its understanding that aims to renew and produce.

Although steam cleaning machines are suitable for all companies, the main requirement is in cleaning companies. The fact that cleaning companies have steam cleaning machines within their structure means that the brand is more reassuring, preferred and economically profitable in terms of transporting portable machines.

Steam cleaning machines are especially suitable for companies or individuals that provide on-site carpet and sofa washing services. With these devices, which can be operated using household electricity, you will be able to take the power of steam wherever you go. In addition, car wash companies can use this machine to deal with difficult stains of vehicles. In addition, they will be in a position to perform applications such as bacterial disinfection, steam washing and stain removal on the interior of the vehicle.

Steam cleaning machines have service and dealers all over Turkey. By contacting the dealers and services, you can ensure that the spare parts produced in Sakarya / Karasu are installed by the service in your region, that their regular maintenance is carried out, that their faults are corrected and that they work regularly.

We offer a 10-year guarantee of spare parts for each machine in our production. You will be guaranteed that you will be able to meet your maintenance and service needs for 10 years in the steam cleaning machines you will buy.

To browse our service dealers in Turkey, you can visit our service and sales points page, which you can access from the menu of our website.

Vacuum Power

The Cleanvac steam carpet and sofa cleaning machine shows a high level of efficiency in your carpet and sofa cleaning processes with its superior performance in terms of vacuum power. With its 1400 W vacuum power, it is one of the most effective solutions for your high performance cleaning processes.

Possibility of Use in Various Spaces

The effective design of our products makes steam cleaning machines suitable for use in many areas. Thanks to the vacuum power of the product and its high cleaning performance, you can use steam cleaning machines most effectively in car hairdressers, carpet washing companies, shops, mosques, hotels, places where disinfection is needed and places where fixed carpet and carpetflex are available.

Steam Feature

The steam feature used in the design of the product raises the product to higher levels in terms of cleaning performance. The biggest effect of the hot water and steam feature is that it provides the most effective contact with the surfaces of the carpets and seats during the cleaning processes on the carpets and seats. Therefore, this feature is one of the most important features in the cleaning performance of the product.

High Vacuum Power

The Cleanvac carpet and sofa cleaning machine, which has a high suction power due to its 1400 W vacuum power, will prove the effect of the suction power in the most effective way during cleaning.

Sterilization Process

If your business requires a sterilization process and you avoid using chemicals for this sterilization process, you can perform sterilization with high-temperature steam with the Cleanvac carpet and sofa cleaning machine.


Dual Fan System

Vacuum engines of steam cleaning machines consist of double fan system. With its by-pass and double fan system, the performance of the vacuum engine is also more effective.

What is steam cleaning? Steam cleaning is a more reliable new generation cleaning method that provides more hygienic cleaning beyond the known cleaning.
It provides a more practical and more hygienic cleaning method for our carpets, armchairs and furniture in our house, practically and quickly, by turning the water into 180 degrees dry steam in steam cleaning.

Cleanvac steam carpet sofa washing machines, which are more successful and more economical than the known applied methods in combating allergens, have taken their place in the most preferred cleaning machines group with their affordable prices and the most successful and powerful engine of steam machines.

Cleanvac steam cleaning machines will be indispensable for your cleaning with 180 degrees dry steam for a more hygienic environment in carpets, seats, armature cleaning, bathroom, stove and hood cleaning, wet and dry surfaces, joint gaps, heater cores, vehicle seats, places where hands cannot be reached.

With the Cleanvac steam cleaning machine, even your routine cleaning, which takes a long time, will be finished in minutes, saving you time. Cleanvac steam cleaning machines are the right choice for those who are allergic to the substances in the detergent. By using the hygienic structure of steam, you can completely remove the use of detergent from your life and protect your health and time.

As a manufacturer of Cleanvac steam cleaning machines; We guarantee that we share the most accurate information among all the information that you may encounter on the internet.

Things To Be Considered

  1. Only water should be put into the clean water tank.
  2. Since the water can cause calcification, daily lime cleaning should be done.
  3. Lime cleaning should be done by diluting it with a descaling chemical.
  4. The dirty water tank should not be completely filled and should be constantly checked.
  5. For sofa cleaning, matic chemicals should be used. The machine does not like a lot of foam.
  6. Steam pressure should not come into contact with the skin, it can cause serious burns.

ISW 2800S Steam Cleaning Machine