Cleanvac RL 400 Mosque Vacuum Cleaner

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Cleanvac RL 400 Mosque Vacuum Cleaner

  • Mosque Vacuum Machine works with brush and vacuum motors.
  • Since brushing and vacuuming are done at the same time, the dirt settled in the carpets is ventilated by the rotary brush and vacuumed.
  • Brush length 45 cm. and it has a pressure setting that allows it to penetrate deeply into the carpet.
  • With the brush motor, the machine moves on the carpet as the brush moves, providing convenience to the user.
  • With its wide brush length and rapid progress, mosque cleaning is done in a short time.
  • Dust filter capacity is higher than similar vacuum cleaners. In this way, cleaning can be done at once.
  • It provides great convenience in cleaning hard-to-reach places with its long hose outlet.
  • They are industrial type brooms that are resistant to all kinds of impacts thanks to their rotation body structure.
  • Boiler Type Rotation Boiler
  • Voltage (V-Hz) 220 - 50
  • Engine Power (watt) 1200
  • Brush Motor Power (watt) 370
  • Brush Width (cm.) 45
  • Boiler Capacity (lt.) 60
  • Size (cm.) 55-60-105
  • Weight (kg.) 30
  • Color: Blue / Yellow

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