What are the Carpet Washing Machine Types?

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Carpet washing machines are increasing rapidly today with the advancement of technology.
Different product models emerge according to the demand of the user and the production line of the manufacturer.
Since these products offer different solutions for different areas for their purpose according to the usage area, they vary according to the system and material.

1. Carpet Brushing Machine
Carpet brushing machine, which has been used in the sector for a long time, is the equipment where carpet washing is done mostly in entry-level or low-budget businesses.
These machines, which generally have single or double brushes, perform brushing on the carpet surface with the control of the user after operating.
Carpet brushing machine is an equipment that requires a lot of force while using and requires attention, with manual control.
If it is not designed correctly and produced by putting work safety into the background, it is actually an extremely dangerous machine for the user because some careless users throw the machine and this causes work accidents.
As Karteknik Makina, we carry out R&D studies separately for each product we produce and keep occupational safety at the maximum level with our quality engineering.

2.Automatic Carpet Wash Machines
Automatic carpet wash machines  are the most demanded, most used and most used machines today.
The biggest difference from Carpet Brushing Machine and Rail System Floor Carpet Washing Machine is that the carpet washing process is not done on the floor.
The machines are designed with conveyor belt systems for serial continuity.
Carpets go through stages such as watering, shampooing, brushing, rinsing, rolling and squeezing as they move on the conveyor belt.
The band width on the machines varies according to the regions and the carpet sizes in these regions.
The brush system also varies depending on the carpet sizes in these regions and therefore the customer demand.
There are disc and roller brushing systems on these machines.
The disc brushing system applies pressure on the carpet moving on the conveyor belt and performs brushing, rubbing and stain removal operations.
It is recommended that the disc brush systems consist of 4 – 8 – 12 or 16 brushes in a row of 4.
With the increasing prevalence of the carpet washing sector in our country and in the world, different versions of these machines have emerged in terms of technology, quality and performance.
As Karteknik Makina, we will continue to be involved in every innovation that will be experienced in this context in the world.

3. Rail System Floor Carpet Washing Machine
We are proud to be the leading manufacturer in our country of this machine, which was produced in the past, which started from the Carpet Brushing Machine system and contributed greatly to the birth of the Table Type Carpet Washing system.
This machine has a brushing system as in the Table Type Carpet Washing Machine, and this brushing system automatically goes forward and backward thanks to the rail system and sensors on both sides of the machine.
The washing process is done on the floor as in the Carpet Brushing Machine and it is of great importance that the surface used is hygienic.
It is among the machines that can continue its activities in our country for many years with the right field evaluation.