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Car Cleaning Vacuums

Car Cleaning Vacuums

Kartek Makine Affordable High Performance Products

What are Car Cleaning Vacuums?
Car Cleaning Sweepers are professional and specially designed and produced for car washes and car detail cleaning. Cars tend to accumulate dust, dirt and crumbs, and a good car cleaning vacuum quickly cleans the hard dirt and dust that settles in the area where it is formed. It provides deep cleaning by reaching hard-to-reach corners and nooks of car and truck interiors.

What Do Car Cleaning Vacuums Do?
Auto Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners will work with full performance and get the vacuum power you want. It is built to withstand long hours of intense use. Asynchronous motor technology offers you the opportunity to work continuously for 24 hours.

Where Are Car Cleaning Vacuums Used?
Car Cleaning Brooms are preferred by textile, leather factories and car washes.

Auto Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner models vary according to engine power. You can choose Auto Cleaning vacuums in different strengths according to your needs. You can use auto cleaning vacuums produced according to your field of expertise in your factory for deep cleaning.