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Wide Area Sweepers

Wide Area Sweepers

Kartek Makine Affordable High Performance Products

What is Wide Area Sweeping Machine?

Wide Area Sweeping Machine are cleaning machines used in large areas. They have different sizes and capacities. Cleanvac wide area sweeping machines that achieve economic success with their ergonomic design, 360-degree maneuverability and high performance.

What Do Wide Area Sweepers Do?

It allows cleaning the areas to be cleaned both with its ergonomic structure and with high hygiene. Wide Area Sweepers effectively clean against heavy dust with their micron filters. It provides the opportunity to work in accordance with the standards of safety and health regulations in closed areas. By integrating spray water systems, dust is suppressed in dusty areas and high hygiene is provided. It is one of the important reasons why it is preferred.

Where Are Wide Area Sweepers Used?

With different sizes and capacities, Cleanvac Wide Area Sweepers can be used for streets, universities, hotels, village areas, factories and hospitals and large areas according to their features and capacities.