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Steam Cleaning Machines

Steam Cleaning Machines

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Steam Sofa Cleaning Machine Cleanvac C-90

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Steam Cleaning Machine Cleanvac ISW-2800S

Cleanvac ISW2800S Sofa Washing Machine with Steam, Hot Water, Cold Water [..]


What is a Steam Cleaning Machine?
A steam cleaning machine is a machine used to remove dirt, oil, detergent residues and bacteria from surfaces. This machine works with a boiler that produces high-temperature water vapor and a nozzle that sprays this steam. Steam destroys the dirt and bacteria on the surface, providing a cleaner and more hygienic environment.

Where is the Steam Cleaning Machine Used?
Steam cleaners are ideal for many industrial and commercial cleaning applications. They can be used in restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, industrial plants, shops, car washes and many more. Steam cleaners can be used on many surfaces such as floors, walls, windows, furniture, carpets, interior and exterior surfaces of vehicles.

What Does a Steam Cleaning Machine Do?
Steam cleaners can do many cleaning tasks quickly and effectively. Steam removes dirt, oil, detergent residues and bacteria from surfaces. Therefore, steam cleaners are ideal for maintaining a hygienic environment. Also, steam cleaners make the cleaning process more environmentally friendly. This cleaning without using chemical cleaning products can be an environmentally friendly option.

How to Use a Steam Cleaning Machine?
Using a steam cleaner is quite simple. First, add water to the boiler and turn on the machine. The machine will heat the water and produce high temperature steam. Steam is applied to the surface via the spray nozzle. The nozzle allows you to control the temperature and pressure of the steam. Steam applied to dirty surfaces makes the surface sterile and destroys the dirt.