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Carpet Dust Remover Machines

Carpet Dust Remover Machines

Kartek Makine Affordable High Performance Products

Manual Carpet Duster Machine Cleanvac MD80

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Cleanvac HTM210 Carpet Dusting Machine

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Carpet Duster Cleanvac HTM 260

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Cleanvac HTM 320 Carpet Dusting Machine

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Cleanvac HTM 420 Carpet Dusting Machine

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What is Carpet Dusting Machine?
In order to provide faster washing in carpet washing machines, it is recommended to use a carpet washing machine before the washing process to remove excess dust on the carpets.

As a result of our research, it has been noticed and proven that 50 to 100 grams of dust comes out of each 6 m2 carpet that we use in dusting machines. Running carpets through a carpet duster before washing reduces the time, water, and detergents needed to achieve final cleaning. Carpets of 300 to 500 m2 can be cleaned of dust in about an hour with an automatic machine. The average electricity consumption is 4kw, it is easy to use and maintain, but it is economical.

What is Carpet Dusting Machine Good For?
Carpet dusting and carpet beating machines are an automatic carpet dusting machine that is highly efficient and quickly removes various dry dirt such as sand, dust, dandruff and hair from the carpet surface. Eliminates the need to remove dirt by repeated vacuuming, so more dirt is collected on the carpet surface. With the squeegee application, the dirt is collected from the surface and thrown out. After the carpet squeezing and drying process, the carpet pile accumulated on the carpet surface is cleaned and the process is terminated. With the beater system, it whisks the carpet (by hitting it on the back) and ensures that the dirt and dust rise to the surface and, if possible, separate it from the carpet. Depending on the degree of soiling or nature of a carpet, the operator controls the beater frequency and regulates the carpet's feed rate. The dusty rug is automatically wrapped under the machine. When dusting is finished, a sensor automatically shuts down the machine. All dirt on the surface of the carpet falls into a special container and can be easily removed. In addition, two special filters absorb dust, dirt and hairs lifted from the carpet. With the suction capacity of 2800 liters per minute, the dirt that is removed from the carpet is collected in the chamber. The dust bag has a capacity of 80 liters. 250 kg machine weight provides strength by eliminating the vibration that the engine power will create on the machine. The total power of the carpet dusting machine is 3.3 kW.

Carpet Dusting Machine Prices
Our industrial carpet cleaning equipment is manufactured with great pride and attention to detail by highly skilled mechanical technicians and engineers. That's why it is the world's best selling carpet cleaning equipment. Our equipment is quality controlled, tested after production, and then released for sale and use.

What are the Advantages of Carpet Dusting Machine?
Carpets are washed faster and cleaner.

Around 300 m2 and 500 m2 of carpet dust is taken per hour with 1-2 people.

It is easy to maintain and use.

It is economical; It consumes 3 – 4 kW of energy in 1 hour.

It adds strength to your competitiveness.

It cleans the dust in a short time by working with the beater system.