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Our Journey That Starts With Cleaning Machines ...

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Cleanvac cleaning machines constitute both the beginning and the basis of the product groups served by our company. For 22 years, we have been providing transportation from production to final consumer and wholesale points. The more we do in the transportation from production to the user, the more we care about the efficiency in the usage process. Cleanvac cleaning machines have expanded their production adventure considerably in line with the demands and needs in our country and in the world. We make decisions with our engineering vision and craftsmanship heritage, both in production, in sales services, and after sales. We ensure continuity in our trainings so that each of our employees has this culture. We would like to briefly mention our product groups that are in addition to the Cleanvac cleaning machines that have been produced for many years: Cleanvac battery powered, electric golf vehicles, Cleanvac diesel, electric street sweepers, Cleanvac ULV devices (disinfectant machines).

The right shopping starts with the right information. We work together to determine the suitability of the cleaning company machines you will set up with your budget, initial realities and goals. Cleanvac Cleaning Machines, which are necessary for the carpet washing factory you will establish, will determine the potential of the region where you will do the job, your starting capital, the answer to the question "Which machines are required for the carpet washing business", together with our representatives.

Cleanvac floor cleaning machines offer you many solutions wherever floor cleaning machines are needed. You should definitely be known with one of the Cleanvac floor cleaning machines, which has been producing domestically for 36 years. When it comes to factory cleaning machines, dozens of different floor types and dozens of different floor pollutions may come to mind. Epoxy floor cleaning is a growing need. While cleaning the epoxy floor with an epoxy floor cleaning machine, it may be necessary to clean the floor without damaging it. We can help you in choosing dozens of different floor washing machines similar to the floor we mentioned. Share your floor sample video with us for helicopter concrete floor cleaning, floor cleaning machine for parquet floor, marble floor cleaning machine, tile floor washing machine needs, our consultants will share with you videos of Cleanvac floor washing machines made on similar floors, so that you reach exactly the product you need. Let's determine the machine you need together with a common mind. Together, we will definitely find a solution from the gym cleaning machine to the floor cleaning of the common areas in the residential type living areas. One of our machinists, who successfully serve in many types of businesses and floors, such as cleaning the floors of restaurants, hygienic cleaning of pharmacy floors, washing marble or granite floors in shopping centers, will certainly serve you to provide good living conditions. Electric floor washing models of Cleanvac floor washing machines will serve your expectations for uninterrupted operation, and battery powered floor washing machines will serve your expectations for comfortable and fast working.

Permanent cleaning begins with dedusting. When it comes to cleaning, sweeping comes to mind, and when it comes to industrial vacuum cleaners, Cleanvac industrial vacuums come to mind.

There are also a wide variety of alternatives, from three-motor, wet-dry industrial type sweepers to industrial vacuum machines with asynchronous motors. In industrial vacuum machines, the right information brings the right shopping. The needs of cleaning machines vary widely in factories that produce in large areas and in hotels that provide services in large square meters. Cleanvac brand is justifiably happy to have achieved a first in our country in recent years in outdoor or indoor sweeping needs. Sweepers, battery and diesel engine options are available. These industrial type cleaning machines, which have models with 150 liter and 300 liter garbage containers, successfully provide many hotel and outdoor cleaning services, factory interior cleaning services, factory garden cleaning services. You can meet your cleaning machine needs for factories with one of our Cleanvac BS1450 and Cleanvac BS1850 models, with success and pleasure. Our brand, which can sweep acres of areas with a single staff, has taken the technology we have come from in the world's cleaning machines as a starting reference and carried it forward, continues to develop with the "better is newer" distrude. In large-area enterprises, sweeping can require a lot of labor.

You can ensure a clean production area and a clean service area with our affordable sweepers. We can serve you with confidence with our Cleanvac BS series products, which can be considered as the beginning product of the street sweeper category. Our brand, which stands out in the category of companies engaged in domestic production in Turkey when it comes to cleaning machines, has also been accepted in the world. As Karteknik Makina team, which has been involved in sales and after sales, choosing the best and the most accurate for you constitutes the basic principles of our cleaning machines sales organization.

Car wash vacuums, powerful industrial vacuum cleaners, Cleanvac industrial vacuums with high vacuum power and high filter technology to absorb epoxy dust and cleaning machines can be met with the best representation of engineering. When it comes to the most widely used cleaning machines, Cleanvac WD group vacuums come to mind. What did we say? Cleaning starts with getting rid of dust.

Cleanvac carpet washing machines, the shining star of the service sector in Turkey and in the world. One of the biggest shares in our developing technology consists of carpet washing plant machines. We have been ready to answer the question of the machines required for the carpet washing facility with our expert team for 22 years and our preparations continue without saying "we are done". Cleanvac handheld carpet washing machines, Cleanvac wheeled carpet wringing machines, Cleanvac shock absorber carpet wringing machine, Cleanvac carpet dusting machines, Cleanvac fluff removal and packaging machines, carpet drying room machines, necessary machines for many carpet washing plants. You can learn from our company with confidence, and after receiving the satisfactory information, you can purchase the Cleanvac cleaning machines required for an affordable carpet washing facility.

Using of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly. While the use of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly in our country and in the world, our company, with the Cleanvac brand, which produces cleaning machines from design to production, and with its 36 years of experience in the production of cleaning machines, provide our valuable users with first the right technical information, then the sales service and finally the after-sales technical service. It provides support and technical service by organizing the service.

You can enjoy the experience of technology with Cleanvac golf vehicles, which are better known as cordless golf vehicles and serve by being charged in closed-to-traffic areas. The adventure of Cleanvac golf vehicles, which started with two-person battery-electric golf vehicles, has reached the position of a company that produces more than 15 domestic electric-battery vehicles today. We are proud to deliver the right service to our valuable users, from box type electric vehicles to specially designed cargo and human transportation vehicles with doors, safes, and Cleanvac electric vehicles used with the definition of golf vehicle. We have expanded our product range in the Cleanvac battery-electric vehicles market, which we serve, by adding our Cleanvac London Bus battery powered sightseeing vehicles, training battery powered fire trucks, battery powered ambulances, battery powered police vehicles, and our 12-person shuttle and 15-person electric shuttle electric bus.

We think that it is not necessary to be a sociologist to know that we experience many consequences of industrial life. Developing technology has touched the lives of all of us, from 7 to 70. Developing industrial life has paved the way for the formation and development of the service sector as well. New ones are added to the rapidly established cleaning companies every day, and the existing ones are renewed by adding new technologies to their companies. The fastest service is the seat washing service. So, how should the answer to the question "What is required to do the sofa washing business?" should be searched. Right here, we are helping you with our technical representatives to explain our carpet - sofa washing technologies that compete with the world to answer the question "which is the best sofa washing machine".

Karteknik Makina, where you can find Cleanvac and Vetta cleaning machines at the most affordable price and with the most attractive payment terms, can serve you in the group of satisfied customers. Let us determine and experience the machines of your cleaning company that are suitable for your budget or your dreams.

Our company, which has established dozens of cleaning companies, will help you choose the right product for you with its wide range of products, from the most affordable sofa washing machine to the most advanced steam sofa washing machine.

Karteknik Makina, which has the most widespread sales and service network of Cleanvac cleaning machines in Turkey and in the world, is a well-established company that specializes in sales and after sales. When it comes to industrial cleaning machines, Cleanvac brand and Karteknik Makina are perceived as together. This is an organic reality. Karteknik Makina is the most established company in the sales representation of Cleanvac cleaning machines and has 22 years of experience in customer relations and representation.

You will be one step closer to choosing a quality cleaning machine with the technical consultancy service you will receive from Karteknik Makina, which is the distribution channel of cleaning machines. The points you will pay attention to when purchasing a cleaning machine will be explained to you in the most accurate way, without any commercial concerns, in the negotiations you will initiate with our sales consultants.

As in any job, having merit and being sustainable provides the right job, confidence and ultimately reaching the goal. Increasing the goals achieved also brings success. Karteknik Machinery confidently supplies your needs in many categories such as Cleanvac cleaning machines, Cleanvac electric - battery powered vehicles, Cleanvac floor cleaning machines.

Cleanvac Sales Operation Karteknik Makina

Karteknik Makine, which is supplier since 22 years on cleaning machines, electric vehichles,street sweepers, disinfection machines and aerosol machines, is the biggest distribution point of cleanvac cleaning machines. Karteknik Makine, which was established for carry through sales operation of Cleanvac brand in Turkey and to whole world, adopt the idea of true information and true sales. In the representation of cleanvac cleaning machines, cleanvac electric vehicles, cleanvac disinfectant machines, which have been born for 30 years, we have left behind 22 years of trying not to be embarrassed. Karteknik Machinery, your cleaning machines market in Izmir, chooses the most affordable cleaning machine for you with its experienced sales consultants. With our dealerships throughout Turkey, our widespread cleaning machine service network that is getting stronger day by day, our foreign trade volume that strengthens us, we work every day for the better with the excitement of the first day, we meet with you. By getting satisfactory answers to your technical questions, you can do your shopping safely and at an affordable price.

Cleaning machines are one of the most important tools for well-equipped and deep cleaning. With the efficiency and quality of the cleaning machines, the most successful cleaning can be done easily. Cleaning machines are also developing with technological opportunities and make cleaning done by humans very easy. With these machines, which both save time and can perform deep cleaning, the most successful cleaning can be done. Cleaning machines, which used to halve the time required for cleaning, are now widely used. For cleaning machines, you can choose devices that are large enough to be used at home or in businesses and workplaces. You can buy the cleaning machine types you want on our website in the most suitable way for your budget.

As Karteknik Makina, you can buy Cleanvac cleaning machines produced with the latest technology. Thanks to the cleaning industry that develops with technology, you can halve the time you set aside for cleaning. With technological machines, you can easily clean. With the technological cleaning products, you can do all your work in a short time and you can handle the cleaning processes very successfully. As Karteknik Makina, you can both supply the highest quality cleaning machines and purchase the latest technology at the most affordable prices. All of our cleaning machines are devices produced with the latest technology. The highest quality materials are used in all of these devices. In this way, you can buy the best quality cleaning materials at the most affordable prices. Our cleaning machine types are:

  • Professional industrial vacuums
  • Floor cleaning machines
  • Carpet washing machines
  • Car wash machines
  • Industrial vacuum machine
  • Road and street sweepers
  • Electric golf carts
  • Cleaning chemicals and more...You can buy all these cleaning equipment on our website and have information about the products. In addition to these cleaning products, which are produced with the latest technology, you can provide quality at the most affordable prices thanks to our wholesale price options. You can contact us for our cleaning machines, which are very high in terms of performance, and get price information.