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Cleanvac E4501 Floor Scrubber

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Cleanvac E4501 Floor Scrubber

Cleanvac floor washing machines, which is the most preferred floor cleaning machine brand in Turkey and in the world, draws its strength from 40 years of experience in production, design and feedback from users. Cleanvac E4501 floor washing machine, which is one of the electric floor washing machine models, serves for many years in the cleaning of floors with its high-speed brush motor and exhaust vacuum motor with high suction power.

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Technicial Specifications

Technical Spesifications

Brush Engine: 220/550 (Volt / Watt)
Vacuum Engine: 220/1200 (Volt/Watt)
Clean / Dirty Water Tank: 38/42 L
Brush Piece / Diameter  1/42
Brush Cycle : 170 RPM
Cleaning Width : 800 mm
Max. Performance: 2000 m2/hour

General features

  • It does not clean the dirt by spreading it on the surface like a mat. It provides effective cleaning by vacuuming the dirty water on the floor during brushing.
  • It can be used on all floors such as marble, tile stone, granite, epoxy. It does not damage the floor.
  • 45 lt. 2000 m⊃2; area is cleaned per hour.
  • The amount of water can be adjusted according to the soiling rate of the floor.
  • It does not require the use of special chemicals for floor cleaning, it is sufficient to use non-foaming surface cleaner chemicals.
  • The amount of chemical use is very small, equal to 1/10 of the amount of chemicals used in mop cleaning.
  • It provides uninterrupted operation with its corded use.
  • It is used in schools, factories, shopping malls, hotels and markets.

    Cleanvac E4501 hard floor scrubber provides water saving to you, our valuable users, for the most effective solution even on the dirtiest surfaces. It is suitable for use by factories, municipalities, gyms, school cleaning, hotel cleaning, cleaning companies, public institutions and organizations.
    Hard floor washing and cleaning machine E4501 provides satisfaction with its affordable price and high performance wherever cleaning is needed. While cleaning large areas effectively, you will save labor, time, chemicals and water.

    You can perform effective cleaning with brushes that distribute water and chemicals on the floor at the same time, with high vacuuming. With its battery and electric options, Cleanvac Floor scrubber is at Karteknik Makina with 35 years of experience!

About Product

E4501, one of the electric, cabled floor scrubber, polishes all floors with its durable motor. With a brush diameter of 42cm and a rotation speed of 170 RPM, it removes any stuck dirt and residue on the floor. Although it is a preferred machine due to its electrical cable, in some cases, battery-operated models can also be preferred. With 38 liters of clean water and 42 liters of dirty water tank, it removes dirt and dust adhering to the floor and prevents it from spreading by taking it into the dirty water tank. With the rear suction apparatus of 80 cm length, the water and dirt accumulated on the floor are collected. E4501 is an optimum machine compared to other models. This not only ensures the most accurate performance and the most accurate cleaning, but also means that all companies can easily reach it, as it has more affordable prices than the battery-operated model. Floor scrubbers are generally distinguished from each other by their cleaning capacity and tank capacities. E4501, one of the floor cleaning machines, is more powerful than other similar floor cleaning machines on the market. Due to its domestic production, it has many advantages such as easy access to spare parts and wide service opportunities. Customizations can be made upon your request, as well as machines designed for higher or lower square meters, from the similar products section below.

User Guide

The usage areas of floor scrubbers are as follows;
Laminate and wood materials can be used on all floor types except tiled floors. The main reason why it cannot be used on laminate floors is that it does wet cleaning. Laminate floors are not suitable for use as they have an inflatable structure when they absorb water. Except those; It is suitable for use on concrete floors, marble floors, granite floors, ceramic and tile floors.

Take the brush (diameter 43 cm) that we have supplied with the machine.
Have another person lift ten of the machine by pressing down on the handle with both hands.
Bring the brush in your hand to the bearing in front of the motor. Make sure that the brush is attached by approaching it parallel to the gaps in the brush and turning the brush to the left.
Then lower the front of the vending machine to the ground.
Open the lid of the blue clean water tank and add enough water and detergent.
As a detergent, you should definitely prefer detergents and shampoos that do not foam.
Charge your machine before starting to work. Press the pedal at the bottom right behind the machine with your right foot and push it to the right.
The pedal will go up. In this way, ensure that the brush descends (touches the ground).
Open the water valve located at the bottom left of the back of the machine according to the pollution and type of the ground.
Start the brush by pressing the brush motor button on the machine (on the panel) and take the machine to the place where you will wash it.
Wash it this way.
When you want to do both washing and vacuuming, while the washing process is being performed, pull the apparatus lifting lever located in the upper middle of the back of the machine down from its place and make the apparatus go down and press the vacuum motor button. In this way, while washing, vacuuming is done at the same time.
When you are finished cleaning, turn off the water valve and absorb the remaining water on the floor. Then turn off the vacuum motor switch (red button).
Turn off the brush motor switch (green button) when the brush is in the down position (on the ground).
Press down on the brush lift pedal with your left foot so that the brush stays in the up position (in the air).
Then park the machine in a place where it will not be damaged or damaged.


What is the Working Logic of the Floor Scrubber?
Floor scrubber aim to minimize the wetness by washing, brushing and vacuuming the floor as a general operating logic. These machines are available in various power options. It has been specially designed according to the square meter of the area you will use. Brushes wash and dry large areas easily without user fatigue.
What is the Minimum Square Meter that the Floor Scrubber Can Work?
Floor scrubbers are suitable for cleaning a minimum area of 50 m2. It is not possible to use it in smaller areas as it will force the user. The maximum area cleaning can be up to 10,000 m2. This situation may vary depending on the performance and area cleaning power of the machine to be preferred.
Can Floor Scrubber Be Used On Any Floor?
The floor scrubber can be used on all hard floors, except wooden laminate flooring, as the water system washes and dries. Not recommended as water can damage laminate and wood floors.
What are the Types of Floor Scrubber?
Floor scrubbers are available in square meters and according to the structure of the enterprise, according to the brush diameter, tank liters and the width of the rear suction apparatus.
Is There a battery powered of the Floor Scrubbers?
There are electric cable and battery-charged models of each model in floor scrubber. 
Can Floor Scrubbers Be Used As Brooms?
No. Floor scrubbers are designed to wash the floor and draw the muddy dirty water from the floor. The purpose of the vacuum cleaners is to vacuum large parts. Large part vacuum is not possible in these machines due to design and purpose.
What is the Lifespan of Brush and Rear Wiper Apparatus in Floor Scrubbers?
Brush ; If the ground friction is at a minimum level, it is 2 years on average, and if it is rough (like concrete), it is 1-1.5 years. We can evaluate the rear rubber wiper part under the same conditions and times.
What is the Warranty Period?
It is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. The parts availability guarantee is 10 years.
Should I Prefer Electric Or Battery Powered Floor Scrubber?
Both choices have pros and cons. If silence is important in the area you will use, if the electrical cable will cause problems in occupational safety, battery-powered preference will be more advantageous. If the machine will need to be used for more than 3 hours without interruption in the enterprise, the electric choice will be more accurate. When analyzed in terms of purchasing costs, battery-powered floor scrubber cost twice as much as electric ones.
What kind of machine should we choose for our factory?
If your square meter is up to 200 square meters, you can choose the battery or electric model from our floor cleaning machines with a capacity of 15 liters of dirty and 15 liters of clean water. 500 to 1000 m⊃2; If it is an area with a capacity of 35 liters of dirty water, you can choose one of our machines with a capacity of 35 liters of clean water, electric or battery powered. You can choose one of our electric or battery powered floor cleaning machines with a capacity of 45 liters of clean and 45 liters of dirty water between 1000 and 2000 square meters. 2000 m⊃2; It is possible to choose one of our models, starting from 75 l and having a dirty and clean water capacity of up to 250 liters, by requesting the appropriate one with our sales representatives and field demos.
Are there any parts of floor scrubbers that are frequently worn and need to be changed?
In the case of using the appropriate accessories on the appropriate floor, using the appropriate pressure settings and choosing the appropriate detergent, the wear of the brush that performs the scrubbing operation and the rubber part that performs the suction operation will be delayed considerably. Parts in direct contact with the ground can wear out over time. Worn parts may need to be replaced.
Should I Use a Special Chemical in Floor Scrubbers or Can All Detergents Be Used?
As with all electrical devices, foam-controlled detergent should be used in this device. The detergent that will be used to dissolve the dirt stains on the floor in the field to be used should not be acidic or caustic. Foam, acidic detergents, detergents containing caustic will shorten the life of the materials with the wear feature of the machine by up to 90 percent.
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