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Cleanvac PM 210 Fluff Picking and Packaging Machine

Cleanvac PM 210 Fluff Picking and Packaging Machine

  • Category: Carpet Fluff Picking & Packaging Machines

Technicial Specifications


HM 260

Voltage (V-Hz):  

3~ 380V

Frequency (Hz):  

50-60 Hz

Band Engine Power (Kw):  


Vacuum Brush Engine Power (Kw):  


Suction Unit Engine Power (Kw):  


Down and Up Engine Power (Kw):  


Brush Engine Power (Kw):  


Total Power (Kw):  


Band Speed (m/min):  


Brush Rotation Speed (rpm/min):  




Carpet Width Capacity(cm):  


Cleaning Capacity (m2/hour):  


Dust Bag Capacity:  


General features

Cleanvac PM 210 Carpet fluff removing and packaging machine is one of the most needed machines by carpet washing companies recently.
Carpet packaging and fluff removal machines, which are the most important helpers in companies that aim to provide the most efficient service to their portfolio, have a vacuum section and a cylindrical brush system.
This machine is used for making final checks after the washing-drying process, combing and fluffing the carpets, removing the objects on the surface such as hair, bristle, fluff, carpet pile, perfuming and packaging by checking the stains on the carpet.
In companies where carpet pile removal and packaging machines are not used, all of these stages have to be done on the table with 2 personnel, spending a long time and effort.
Our machines save you time, space and personnel.
Pile is called standing yarn in an upright position on the carpet, carpet pile removal machine is an industrial heavy-duty packaging and carpet surface sweeping machine that quickly vacuums and brushes the surface of broken piles, hair-feather, dust and many derivatives of carpet dirt on the surface of the carpet after the carpet is washed. .
You can get the highest efficiency with the minimum area thanks to the ease of the belt system on it by separating only a single zone for a job you will do in a large area with the machine.
Thanks to the carpet pile removal and packaging machine, you can easily and effortlessly perform the final inspection, surface stain control, packaging and perfumery processes on carpets that have dried and have been washed before.
In some carpet types, excessive pile occurs on the surface of the carpet after the washing process, if the last necessary control is not performed, an extremely dirty carpet surface appears and customer satisfaction is reduced to a minimum.
In this type of carpet models, the product, which has many functions rather than polishing and embossing, makes it easier to control the carpet before delivery to the customer and provides confidence to the master doing the work.
Thanks to the lighting on the machine, stains on the carpet surface are easier to see.
Thanks to this opportunity, the working personnel work much more effectively and quickly in making the stain top-up.
Since the machine is used at the end of the carpet washing job, it facilitates the quality control process needed by the businesses, it is used to comb and fluff carpet piles.
Good embossing of carpet piles creates a new carpet feel.
Thanks to the carpet bag holder on it, the rolled carpets are bagged and packaged.
There is a conveyor belt system on the machine.
A carpet that enters from the front part of the carpet fluffing and packaging machine starts to process as dirty and dry, and when leaving the back part, it comes to the end of the process as brushed, sufficiently vacuumed and wrapped in a suitable way for packaging in the form of rolls.
We offer the best service to our users with our industry experience of nearly 40 years and our wide technical service network.
We provide support on the subject both in pre-sales and after-sales processes.

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