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Battery Powered Street Sweeper (Tipper Unloading) Cleanvac BS-1450

Technicial Specifications

Cleaning Capacity: 4800m2/hour
Brush Speed: 70 rpm
Cleaning Width: 1450 mm
Suction Power: 120 Mbar
Clean Water Tank Capacity: 56 L
Sweeping Area Capacity: 4800 m2/hour
Wheel Type and Quantity: 2 Rear, 1 Front Wheel
Wheel Size: Ø290 mm

General features

Energy Type: Cordless
Size : 105x200x215 cm
Speed: Max 6 km/h
Noise Level: 69db
Weight: 700 kg
Cleaning Width: 1450 mm
Standard Accessory: 2 Disc Brushes
Other: Battery Charge Indicator, Water Adjustment
Technicial Specifications

About Product

A battery that provides continuous energy at 24 V, powerful electric motors that produce motion response with the energy coming from the battery, automatic cleaning system, 1700 watt walking motor and wide area sweeping vehicles with a theoretical cleaning capacity of 5 thousand square meters / hour and a weight of 700 kg. It also has 360-degree maneuverability. The 1000 mm main brush can be raised to a height of 1430 mm from the ground with the help of a damper when you fill the 300 liter garbage collection chamber capacity. It provides real cleaning with its 1450 mm working width.

Our rider-type wide area sweepers produced in Turkey can be shaped according to the field needs and produced by making special technical choices according to the needs. The rider-type, battery-powered wide area sweeper, which can be created with the desired technical features, has a hydraulically controlled garbage hopper. In addition to its optional features, a perfect cleaning can be achieved even in one go, thanks to its standard features. In very large areas, you can complete a cleaning that takes between 6-7 hours, in 1-2 hours.

Thanks to the recoil spring system in the middle cylindrical brush, the vehicle can move forward without damaging itself in bump transitions. Thanks to the pos system, all brushes and movement systems of the vehicle can be hydraulically controlled from the user panel. Different pressure adjustments can be made according to the ground type and pollution. It also functions as a disinfectant machine with PUDTECH technology, which is its most prominent feature. The fact that it provides dust-free operation is one of the most important reasons for its preference.

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